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Re: Implement -Wno-variadic-macros

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Richard Henderson wrote:

> I did forget the docs.  I had thought that there would be an
> existing testcase for the variadic macro warnings, and so the
> bootstrap itself would take care of the rest.  That turns out
> to not be true, so I added some.

In general relying on bootstrap as a testcase would be a bad idea anyway;
it's as far away as possible from a minimised testcase for a specific
issue; and there's no guarantee bootstrap would continue to exercise the
given case (here, it would cease to after a complete transition to calling
the relevant functions directly rather than via a variadic macro).  (This
applies to some extent to bugs as well as features: if a bug breaks
bootstrap but there's a minimised testcase available as well, that
minimised testcase should go in the testsuite if not already there - of
course, some bootstrap-breaking bugs will also break cases in the
testsuite when the unbootstrappable compiler is tested with a

Joseph S. Myers

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