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Re: PING: A Far Less Ambitious AltiVec patch

On 20 Feb, 2004, at 12.49, Geoff Keating wrote:

--- 8960,8966 ---- || REGNO (XEXP (x, 0)) >= 32) output_operand_lossage ("invalid %%P value"); else ! fprintf (file, "%s", reg_names[REGNO (XEXP (x, 0))]); return;

case 'q':

You should update the comment immediately above this code.

The latest version looks like this:

--- 9019,9031 ----
           || REGNO (XEXP (x, 0)) >= 32)
         output_operand_lossage ("invalid %%P value");
+       /* The Darwin assembler requires a register name rather than
+          merely a number.  */
+       fprintf (file, "%s", reg_names[REGNO (XEXP (x, 0))]);
+ #else
         fprintf (file, "%d", REGNO (XEXP (x, 0)));
+ #endif

That's worse. Use reg_names always.

I can't -- non-Darwin assemblers will barf on it.

Ziemowit Laski                 1 Infinite Loop, MS 301-2K
Mac OS X Compiler Group        Cupertino, CA USA  95014-2083
Apple Computer, Inc.           +1.408.974.6229  Fax .5477

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