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Re: New French PO file for `gcc'

Karl Eichwalder <> writes:

> "Zack Weinberg" <> writes:
>> The robot has now submitted eleven times in
>> the past four days.
> Thanks for your mail.
> I'm very sorry about this matter of fact.  Unfortunately, the
> translator submitted the file that often, maybe he found errors again
> and again and fixed them.  Or was it always one and the same file?

I had assumed that because the file name was the same, it was always
the same file.  I have now checked more thoroughly and see that they
are all different, so the robot is not malfunctioning.  Sorry for the

> If such a behavior is too annoying for you, we can switch to
> notification mails only where the contents is just a URL pointing to a
> HTTP address from where you can download the file for distribution.

I do find the large files mailed to the patches list to be annoying.
However, I don't know what's most convenient for the people who
actually process the submissions; my opinion matters less than theirs.


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