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Re: [patch] honor program_transform_name on installation of info manuals

Matthias Klose <> writes:

> Geoff Keating writes:
> > In fact, automake should be a very good example, since it pretty much
> > sets the standard for GNU programs.  I think that whatever we do
> > should be the same as automake does; if we don't want that, automake
> > should be changed first.
> please don't make a chicken-egg problem. checked the various automake
> packages in Debian. The renaming/rebuilding/patching is done in the
> packaging, not in the upstream sources.

Then, perhaps you should make a patch to automake and submit it there,
and have this discussion on the automake lists?

> an alternative might be to install the unchanged info files in a
> subdirectory and use something like 'GCC-3-5' as the menu name and
> '3.5/gcc' as the info file name. however the cross document references
> in the info files need to be changed for this alternative as well.

Again, I think that if this is to be done it should be done
consistently across the GNU system.  I can't see any reason why GCC
should install differently to any other GNU program.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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