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Re: [wwwdocs] patch for gcc 3.3.3 release notes

Joe Buck <> writes:

| >   * add support for --sysroot.
| Something should appear on
| explaining those changes.

Any comments on this?

-- Gaby

Index: changes.html
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-3.3/changes.html,v
retrieving revision 1.48
diff -p -r1.48 changes.html
*** changes.html	4 Feb 2004 00:48:22 -0000	1.48
--- changes.html	18 Feb 2004 12:44:08 -0000
*************** not listed here).</p>
*** 1043,1048 ****
--- 1043,1059 ----
  <hr />
  <h2><a name="3.3.3">GCC 3.3.3</a></h2>
+ <h3>Minor features</h3>
+ <p>In addition to the bug fixes documented below, this release
+ contains few minor features such as:
+ <ul>
+    <li>Support for <code>--with-sysroot</code></li>
+    <li>Support for automatic detection of executable stacks</li>
+    <li>Support for Prescott New Instructions</li>
+    <li>Support for thread local storage debugging under GDB on S390</li>
+ </ul>
+ </p>
  <h3>Bug Fixes</h3>
  <p>This section lists the problem reports (PRs) from 
*************** the relevant defect report.</p>
*** 1192,1197 ****
--- 1203,1209 ----
  <li><a href="";>11227</a> ICE for <code>_Complex float, _Complex long double</code> args</li>
  <li><a href="";>12644</a> GCC 3.3.2 fails to compile glibc on ia64</li>
  <li><a href="";>13149</a> build gcc-3.3.2 1305 error:unrecognizable insn</li>
+ <li>Various fixes for libunwind</li>
*************** the relevant defect report.</p>
*** 1216,1221 ****
--- 1228,1234 ----
  <li><a href="";>13069</a> <code>gcc/config/sh/rtems.h</code> broken</li>
  <li><a href="";>13302</a> Putting a <code>va_list</code> in a <code>struct</code> causes seg fault</li>
  <li><a href="";>13585</a> Incorrect optimization of call to sfunc</li>
+ <li>Fix inappropriately exported libgcc functions from the shared library</li>
  <h4>Other embedded target specific</h4>

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