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Re: PATCH to represent column numbers using source_location

> I checked the attached patch into mainline.
> (After testing on Fedora with no regressions.)
> This was approved by Richard Henderson 12/29,
> when I originally suggested checking it into tree-ssa;
> it has been modified for mainline.

It broke bootstrap on SPARC/Solaris with the vendor compiler:

cc -xarch=v9 -erroff   -g  -DIN_GCC     -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DGENERATOR_FILE  -o 
gengtype \
 gengtype.o gengtype-lex.o gengtype-yacc.o ../libiberty/libiberty.a
ild: (undefined symbol) linemap_line_start -- referenced in the text segment 
of gengtype.o

I think this is caused by these bits in line-maps.h:

/* Get a source position that for the same line as the most recent
   linemap_line_start, but with the specified TO_COLUMN column number. */

static inline source_location
linemap_position_for_column (struct line_maps *set, unsigned int to_column)
  struct line_map *map = &set->maps[set->used - 1];
  source_location r = set->highest_location;
  if (__builtin_expect (to_column > set->max_column_hint, 0))
      if (r >= 0xC000000 || to_column > 1000000) /* FIXME */
	  /* Running low on source_locations - disable column numbers. */
	  return r - SOURCE_COLUMN (map, r);
	  r = linemap_line_start (set, SOURCE_LINE (map, r), to_column + 50);
	  map = &set->maps[set->used - 1];
	  r = set->highest_location;
  r = r - SOURCE_COLUMN (map, r) + to_column;
  if (r >= set->highest_location)
    set->highest_location = r;
  return r;

You can bootstrap with '-fkeep-inline-functions' to reproduce the problem.

Eric Botcazou

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