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ia64-hpux fix compat/struct-by-value-5

On a big-endian ia64 target, the type (struct { float x; }), when
passed as an anonymous (variadic) function argument, is supposed to be
put in the integer registers and padded at the low end of the
register: XXXX XXXX 0000 0000.  GCC (3.4 and HEAD) expects the
argument in that position, but passes it as 0000 0000 XXXX XXXX,
which is the correct position for a little-endian ia64 target.

This patch fixes the problem, but I do not understand why it works;
I discovered the idiom by staring at other parts of ia64_function_arg.

ia64-hpux bootstrap in progress; comments?


        * config/ia64/ia64.c (ia64_function_arg): In big-endian mode,
        when passing single SFmode quantities in general registers,
        put them in the high half.

Index: config/ia64/ia64.c
--- config/ia64/ia64.c	31 Jan 2004 06:18:23 -0000
+++ config/ia64/ia64.c	17 Feb 2004 08:15:30 -0000
@@ -3748,21 +3748,34 @@ ia64_function_arg (CUMULATIVE_ARGS *cum,
      named, and in a GR register when unnamed.  */
   else if (cum->prototype)
-      if (! named)
-	return gen_rtx_REG (mode, basereg + cum->words + offset);
-      else
+      if (named)
 	return gen_rtx_REG (mode, FR_ARG_FIRST + cum->fp_regs);
+      /* In big-endian mode, an anonymous SFmode value must be represented
+         as (parallel:SF [(expr_list (reg:DI n) (const_int 0))]) to force
+	 the value into the high half of the general register.  */
+      else if (BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN && mode == SFmode)
+	return gen_rtx_PARALLEL (mode,
+		 gen_rtvec (1,
+                   gen_rtx_EXPR_LIST (VOIDmode,
+		     gen_rtx_REG (DImode, basereg + cum->words + offset),
+				      const0_rtx)));
+      else
+	return gen_rtx_REG (mode, basereg + cum->words + offset);
   /* If there is no prototype, then FP values go in both FR and GR
      registers.  */
+      /* See comment above.  */
+      enum machine_mode inner_mode =
+	(BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN && mode == SFmode) ? DImode : mode;
       rtx fp_reg = gen_rtx_EXPR_LIST (VOIDmode,
 				      gen_rtx_REG (mode, (FR_ARG_FIRST
 							  + cum->fp_regs)),
       rtx gr_reg = gen_rtx_EXPR_LIST (VOIDmode,
-				      gen_rtx_REG (mode,
+				      gen_rtx_REG (inner_mode,
 						   (basereg + cum->words
 						    + offset)),

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