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Fix comment typos in


I found a few comment typos in  The following patch
fixes them.

Bootstrapped and regression tested on powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu.

Committed as obvious.

Matt Kraai    

	* Fix comment typos.

Index: gcc/
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/,v
retrieving revision 1.1246
diff -u -r1.1246
--- gcc/	7 Feb 2004 23:45:21 -0000	1.1246
+++ gcc/	11 Feb 2004 08:50:07 -0000
@@ -2655,7 +2655,7 @@
 TEXI_CPPINT_FILES = cppinternals.texi
 # The *.1, *.7, *.info, and *.dvi files are being generated from implicit 
-# patterns.   To use them, put each of the specific target with with their 
+# patterns.  To use them, put each of the specific targets with its
 # specific dependencies but no build commands.
@@ -2720,7 +2720,7 @@
 cpp.pod: cpp.texi cppenv.texi cppopts.texi
 # These next rules exist because the output name is not the same as
-# the input name, so our implict %.pod rule will not work.
+# the input name, so our implicit %.pod rule will not work.
 gcc.pod: invoke.texi cppenv.texi cppopts.texi
 	$(STAMP) $@

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