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Re: GCC build of HEAD failed for native with your patch on2004-02-12T20:48:51Z.

Geoff Keating <> writes:

> The actual error is:
> echo '/*WARNING: This file is automatically generated!*/' >tmp-c-parse.y
> sed -e "/^@@ifobjc.*/,/^@@end_ifobjc.*/d" \
>      -e "/^@@ifc.*/d" -e "/^@@end_ifc.*/d"
> /Users/regress/tbox/cvs-gcc/gcc/gcc/ >>tmp-c-parse.y
> /bin/sh /Users/regress/tbox/cvs-gcc/gcc/gcc/move-if-change
> tmp-c-parse.y c-parse.y
> bison  -o c-parse.c c-parse.y
> c-parse.y:344: type clash (`' `ttype') on default action
> make[2]: [c-parse.c] Error 1 (ignored)
> Why are we ignoring errors from bison?

No clue.  I don't see this problem at all (bison 1.875a here), but I
believe the appended patch will fix it, could you please test it?


        * Don't give asmdef a type.

---	12 Feb 2004 19:14:00 -0000	1.200
+++	12 Feb 2004 21:47:57 -0000
@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@ do {									\
 %type <ttype> scspec SCSPEC STATIC TYPESPEC TYPE_QUAL maybe_volatile
 %type <ttype> initdecls notype_initdecls initdcl notype_initdcl init
-%type <ttype> simple_asm_expr maybeasm asmdef asm_stmt asm_argument
+%type <ttype> simple_asm_expr maybeasm asm_stmt asm_argument
 %type <ttype> asm_operands nonnull_asm_operands asm_operand asm_clobbers
 %type <ttype> maybe_attribute attributes attribute attribute_list attrib
 %type <ttype> any_word

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