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Re: PATCH to represent column numbers using source_location

Kazu Hirata wrote:

Unfortunately, this patch breaks h8300-elf.  scan-decls.c:185 still
has a use of member "line" of cpp_token, which you have removed.
Would you mind taking a look at this?

From what I can tell of the code, the previous version was wrong, in that it was passing a source_location cookie to a function that expects an actual line number.

I.e. I suspect this code hasn't worked correctly for years, or
whenever token were changes to source line-map cookies.

Could you try this patch?
	--Per Bothner

Index: scan-decls.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/scan-decls.c,v
retrieving revision 1.33
diff -u -p -r1.33 scan-decls.c
--- scan-decls.c	8 Oct 2003 12:29:27 -0000	1.33
+++ scan-decls.c	11 Feb 2004 23:34:36 -0000
@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 #include "coretypes.h"
 #include "tm.h"
 #include "cpplib.h"
+#include "cpphash.h"
+#include "line-map.h"
 #include "scan.h"
 static void skip_to_closing_brace (cpp_reader *);
@@ -165,6 +167,8 @@ scan_decls (cpp_reader *pfile, int argc 
 	      int nesting = 1;
 	      int have_arg_list = 0;
+	      const struct line_map *map;
+	      unsigned int line;
 	      for (;;)
 		  token = get_a_token (pfile);
@@ -182,7 +186,9 @@ scan_decls (cpp_reader *pfile, int argc 
 			   || token->type == CPP_ELLIPSIS)
 		    have_arg_list = 1;
-	      recognized_function (&prev_id, token->line,
+	      map = linemap_lookup (pfile->line_table, token->src_loc);
+	      line = SOURCE_LINE (map, token->src_loc);
+	      recognized_function (&prev_id, line,
 				   (saw_inline ? 'I'
 				    : in_extern_C_brace || current_extern_C
 				    ? 'F' : 'f'), have_arg_list);

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