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Re: My Small AltiVec Patch - TAKE 3

>>>>> "Ziemowit" == Ziemowit Laski <> writes:

 > Per Aldy's request, I've isolated the rs6000-specific stuff
 > into a separate patch (the occasional non-rs6000 code is being

Uhh, no you didn't.  I still see changes to c-common.*, tree.*, etc.
Please post ONLY the AltiVec non-generic parts of the patch, and test

 > touched in a super-obvious way), and re-did the diffs with
 > -u (is there a community consensus on this, BTW?).

The guidelines:

...specify either -c3p or -up.  It's just easier (in this case) to
review with -u.

 > 	* c-common.c (vector_size_helper): Make externally visible.
 > 	* c-common.h (vector_size_helper): Add prototype.
 > 	* tree.c (make_vector): Make externally visible.
 > 	* tree.h (make_vector): Add prototype.
 > 	* config/darwin.h (TARGET_OPTION_TRANSLATE_TABLE) Refer to
 > 	SUBTARGET_OPTION_TRANSLATE_TABLE for architecture-specific options.
 > 	* config/i386/darwin.h (SUBTARGET_OPTION_TRANSLATE_TABLE). Define it.

None of the above changes are AltiVec specific.  Please remove when
you resubmit.


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