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Re: -mrelocatable broken on ppc-linux

> Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 12:25:02 +1030
> From: Alan Modra <>

> What are we going to do about this one?
> I reckon we should fix it for this release, since it's easy and safe
> to do so, and warn people that -mrelocatable will not be generating
> .fixup or possibly go away altogether in a future release.
> It's true enough that -mrelocatable serves no useful purpose on
> Linux (so we could make it a synonym for -fPIC).  Anyone wanting to
> relocate .got2 can just relocate everything there without using gcc's
> .fixup, which is what the Linux kernel does.  So if you prefer, I'm
> willing to generate a patch to make -mrelocatable{-lib} a synonym
> for -fPIC, but I'm not keen to take the blame for breaking someone's
> funky .fixup parser.

Why not just do nothing?  There's no point trying to anticipate what
some unknown person, who might or might not exist, might or might not
be relying on.  If we find such a person, they can tell us what they

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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