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[tree-ssa] fix tree-ssa/20031216-1.c

Arg!  My previous patch was so close.  What took me so long
is that the pretty-printer doesn't render NON_LVALUE_EXPR.
I'll be fixing that soon...  Also looking forward to a 
redesigned folder that doesn't introduce such nonsense.


	* tree-ssa-dom.c (local_fold): New.
	(thread_across_edge, simplify_rhs_and_lookup_avail_expr, 
	find_equivalent_equality_comparison): Use it.

Index: tree-ssa-dom.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/Attic/tree-ssa-dom.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -c -p -d -u -r1.1.2.124 tree-ssa-dom.c
--- tree-ssa-dom.c	6 Feb 2004 09:06:41 -0000
+++ tree-ssa-dom.c	6 Feb 2004 18:43:11 -0000
@@ -260,6 +260,22 @@ static void restore_vars_to_original_val
 static void extract_true_false_edges_from_block (basic_block, edge *, edge *);
 static void register_definitions_for_stmt (tree, varray_type *);
+/* Local version of fold that doesn't introduce cruft.  */
+static tree
+local_fold (tree t)
+  t = fold (t);
+  /* Strip away useless type conversions.  Both the NON_LVALUE_EXPR that
+     may have been added by fold, and "useless" type conversions that might
+     now be apparent due to propagation.  */
+  return t;
 /* Propagate the value VAL (assumed to be a constant or another SSA_NAME)
    into the operand pointed by OP_P.  */
@@ -830,7 +846,7 @@ thread_across_edge (struct dom_walk_data
 	  /* If the conditional folds to an invariant, then we are done,
 	     otherwise look it up in the hash tables.  */
-	  cached_lhs = fold (COND_EXPR_COND (dummy_cond));
+	  cached_lhs = local_fold (COND_EXPR_COND (dummy_cond));
 	  if (! is_gimple_min_invariant (cached_lhs))
 	    cached_lhs = lookup_avail_expr (dummy_cond, NULL, false);
  	  if (!cached_lhs || ! is_gimple_min_invariant (cached_lhs))
@@ -1700,7 +1715,8 @@ simplify_rhs_and_lookup_avail_expr (stru
 		  tree t;
 		  /* Build and fold (Y OP C2) OP C1.  */
-		  t = fold (build (rhs_code, type, rhs_def_rhs, outer_const));
+		  t = build (rhs_code, type, rhs_def_rhs, outer_const);
+		  t = local_fold (t);
 		  /* If the result is a suitable looking gimple expression,
 		     then use it instead of the original for STMT.  */
@@ -1758,8 +1774,8 @@ simplify_rhs_and_lookup_avail_expr (stru
 		       build_int_2 (tree_log2 (op1), 0));
 	    t = build (BIT_AND_EXPR, TREE_TYPE (op0), op0,
-		       fold (build (MINUS_EXPR, TREE_TYPE (op1),
-				    op1, integer_one_node)));
+		       local_fold (build (MINUS_EXPR, TREE_TYPE (op1),
+					  op1, integer_one_node)));
 	  result = update_rhs_and_lookup_avail_expr (stmt, t,
@@ -1877,8 +1893,8 @@ find_equivalent_equality_comparison (tre
 	     If that is true, the build and return new equivalent
 	     condition which uses the source of the typecast and the
 	     new constant (which has only changed its type).  */
-	  new = fold (build1 (TREE_CODE (def_rhs),
-			      def_rhs_inner_type, op1));
+	  new = build1 (TREE_CODE (def_rhs), def_rhs_inner_type, op1);
+	  new = local_fold (new);
 	  if (is_gimple_val (new) && tree_int_cst_equal (new, op1))
 	    return build (TREE_CODE (cond), TREE_TYPE (cond),
 			  def_rhs_inner, new);

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