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Re: [wwwdocs] Additional C++ entries in changes.html

"Giovanni Bajo" <> writes:

| +     <li>G++ is now <strong>much</strong> more conformant to the ISO/ANSI

I think we're either conformant or not ;-)  The "much more" sounds
very marketing-departement-ish.


| +     <li>In templates, all non-dependent names are now looked up and bound
| +  at definition time (while parsing the code), instead of later when
| +  the template is instantiated. This is known as "two-stage name
| +  look-up". For instance:

What is known as two-phase name lookup is this:

  * for templates, all non-dependent names are looked up in the
    templates contexts of definition (e.g. declarations that are
    visible at the point of definition of the templates).  And
    dependent names are looked up in the scopes associated with the
    types of the arguments both in the contexts of definition and

(And actually, we still don't fully implement two-phase name


| +     <li>Using a name introduced by a typedef in a friend declaration or in an
| +  explicit instantiation is now rejected, as specified by the ISO C++
| +  standard.
| +  <pre>
| +  class A;
| +  typedef A B;
| +  class C {
| +    friend class B;      // ERROR! No typedef name here!
| +    friend B;            // ERROR! friend always needs class/struct/enum

Notice however that this will change in the near future through a DR.
But yes, GCC-3.4.x will reject it as is; bu they will be accepted
again in future releases; kind of flip-flop.

-- Gaby

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