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Re: [PATCH] Support signbit, signbitf and signbitl as GCC builtins

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Ulrich Weigand wrote:
> Well, the 'test' routine of builtins-32.c generates the following code
> before reload (24.lreg):
> ...
> (insn 11 3 13 0 (set (reg:SI 43)
>         (subreg:SI (reg/v:DF 41 [ x ]) 0)) 54 {*movsi_zarch} (insn_list 3 (nil))
>     (expr_list:REG_DEAD (reg/v:DF 41 [ x ])
>         (nil)))

How does this RTL match the constraints for movsi_zarch pattern?

> Note how insn 32 is broken?  It simply reinterprets reg %r1 in SImode,
> and hence loads the *low* half of the register into %r3.  In fact to
> do it right would require either a shift (which reload never does) or
> else *another* secondary memory slot.

As you explain above, performing this operation in RTL requires either
a shift or an additional memory slot, so I'm surprised that the s390
backend claims it can be done using a plain movsi_zarch.  Perhaps if
the SUBREG_BYTE was 4...

Forgive me, I'm out of my depth with backend machine descriptions.
But it looks as though the constraints for movsi_zarch claim that
it can perform the necessary subreg without the help of reload.


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