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Re: gcc/gcc/testsuite ChangeLog gcc.dg/20040203-1. ...

Joseph S. Myers wrote:

Descriptive names (referring to features rather than numbers) are the most
preferred, something like truthvalue-{array,struct,union}-1.c for the main
testcases for the improved error messages. Then I'd prefer PR number
names to date names (some bugs don't have meaningful features being
tested, a PR number is more meaningful than reload-1234.c, a large part of
the function of testcases for optimiser and middle-end bugs is that they
exercise historically fragile parts of the compiler so a new bug causing
them to regress may well be unrelated). Date names make sense for bugs
with no particular feature tested and no PR (I don't see a real need to
open a PR if you discover a bug and fix it immediately).

Ok, thanks Michael and Joseph. Indeed, I can only agree with you: FWIW in libstdc++-v3 we use directories corresponding to each standard chapter and the PR number or a generic number if there isn't one. Definitely, we don't use dates ;)

Unfortunately, a quick (well, not so quick ;) glance at the current gcc.dg
testsuite is not revealing about the right policy...

Could you possibly write it down for the benefit of newcomers?

For the time being, if Paolo wants to suggest some descriptive names for the
bugs fixed, I would be glad to commit the corresponding remove/add pairs...
Or, otherwise, just (lowercase)prXXXX.


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