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Re: A Far Less Ambitous AltiVec patch

On 2 Feb, 2004, at 15.38, Zack Weinberg wrote:

Geoff Keating <> writes:

Aldy Hernandez <> writes:

+ /* The "-faltivec" option should have been called "-maltivec" all along. */
+ { "-faltivec", "-maltivec -include altivec.h" }, \
+ { "-fno-altivec", "-mno-altivec" }, \

Do we really need another option (even if just for Darwin)? This is just plain sick. Can't you make -maltivec include altivec.h just for darwin?

No. -maltivec is not the "everything you might possibly want that's related to altivec" flag. It very specifically means "generate code for a CPU with altivec instructions". It should not change ABI or the language that is compiled, only code generation.

I object in principle to any change that involves including header files behind the user's back.

How does that differ from emitting tons of builtins behind the user's back? :-)

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