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Re: [wwwdocs] Document changes in 3.4 for SPARC (rev2)

On Mon, 2 Feb 2004, Eric Botcazou wrote:
> As suggested by Gerald, this patch documents the few changes in 3.4
> specific to the SPARC port.  They are mostly ABI fixes, so I shamelessly
> borrowed the structure of mips-abi.html to devise the new sparc-abi.html

Great, thanks!

I just have few and very minor comments; please consider them and then
commit an updated patch.

Index: gcc-3.4/changes.html
+	  <li>A small structure is passed or returned in a register; and</li>
+	  <li>it contains a unique field of type 'float' .</li>


+	<p><code>x</code> is passed in floating-point register <code>%f0</code>,
+	   instead of <code>%f1</code> previously.</p></td>

I'd omit "previously" in this case; and I believe there are one or two
instances later on as well.

+	  <li>A small union is passed or returned in a register; and</li>
+	  <li>its size in bytes is lesser than 8.</li>


And I do think this really ought to be an entry in the news section of
our main page.  Would you mind suggesting some wording for me to base
that entry on?


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