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Re: [patch] Rename default_strict_argument_naming() tohook_bool_CUMULATIVE_ARGS_false().

Hi Graham,

> The uppercase CUMULATIVE_ARGS in the hook names looks very odd
> to me and probably goes against gcc coding conventions.

The GNU Coding Standards say

  Please use underscores to separate words in a name, so that the
  Emacs word commands can be useful within them. Stick to lower case;
  reserve upper case for macros and enum constants, and for
  name-prefixes that follow a uniform convention.

> I don't have immediate access to any machine with GCC sources
> at present so can't check if we any precedents in this area.

The only reason for using upper case is that there is already
hook_bool_CUMULATIVE_ARGS_true, so I made the ..._false version by
renaming default_strict_argument_naming.

I sort of want to keep the original type name, CUMULATIVE_ARGS, as is
in the function name.  (Well, there is another question whether
CUMULATIVE_ARGS should be in upper case when it only corresponds to a
struct type or int; we could simply typedef cumulative_args instead of
using #define.)

Kazu Hirata

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