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[Darwin] Patch, take 2: enable linkonce support for Darwin

This is very similar to my previous patch. I've tried to address Richard's stylistic comments (target hook versus target macro, for example).

I also found one place where my previous patch wasn't quite right: on Darwin we need to make sure that explicit template instantiations are not marked coalesced. This is tied up in the whole static-archive-table-of-contents mess. I've fixed the bug (see maybe_make_one_only), and I have a test for this whole corner case. That test is not part of this patch, because it involves multiple compile and link steps and the creation of a static archive; I don't know how to put such a complicated test into dg. When and if I learn how to do that, I'll submit it as a separate patch.

Still bootstrapped on OS X, still fixes a bunch of test cases in g++.dg and doesn't cause any regressions in the C, C++, or libstdc++ test suites.

OK to commit to mainline?


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