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Re: 'make check-performance' from libstdc++-v3?

*ping* [PATCH] fix optimization/13024

-fprofile-generate/-fprofile-use options

3.3: IA64 bug fixes

Re: 3.4 PATCH: Handle C++ like ISO C94 on Tru64 UNIX

3_3-branch PATCH to libunwind

Re: Re-implement COMMON and EQUIVALENCE


[gfortran, patch] Old patches needed to apply.

[3.3 branch, Fortran, committed] Fix PR fortran/12633.

[3.3 patch committed] Fix LIB_SPEC for mips/linux

[3.3 PATCH] AIX collect2 weak symbol exports

[3.3 PATCH] Backport fortran/12632 fixes

[3.3 PATCH] Fix bootstrap failure on ia64-unknown-linux-gnu

[3.3 patch] h8300 : Backport normal mode stuff.

[3.3 patch] mcore: Fix PR target/13373.

[3.3 patch] Permission to backport regression fix ?!?

[3.3 PATCH] PR opt/13031: GCSE work-around for reload

[3.3 patch]: Fix 13445

[3.3 testsuite] Backport XFAIL

[3.3/mainline] Fix 64bit cleanliness problem in read_uleb128

[3.3] Backport boehm-gc/configure.host from mainline

[3.3] Backport fix for PR optimization/13400

Re: [3.3] Backport fix for PR/4490 ICE with -m128bit-long-double from Mainline

[3.3] Backport fix for PR/4490 ICE with -m128bit-long-double fromMainline

[Ada 3.3] Backport compilation fixes

[ada] Redo Make-lang.in rules to not always regenerate gnat_ug_*.texi

Re: [ada] Redo Make-lang.in rules to not always regenerategnat_ug_*.texi

[arm-csl-branch] Updated rtx_costs.

[arm] __arm__/__thumb__ vs. #machine(arm)

[Bug c++/12747][tree-ssa] SRA part 2.

Fwd: [Bug c++/13081] [3.3 regression] forward template declarations in <complex> let inlining fail

Re: [Bug fortran/9972] [3.4 regression] Failure of g77.f-torture/execute/980520-1.f

Re: [Bug optimization/10312] [3.4 regression] optimizer createswrong code for loop

[C++ PATCH for 3.3] Backport of fix for PR/2294

Re: [C++ PATCH for 3.3] Fix PR13262 regression (static member init access checking)

[C++ PATCH for 3.3] Fix PR13262 regression (static member init accesschecking)

[C++ PATCH, committed] fixed ptrmem7.C

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix ICE in PR13166 regression (default arg infriend decl)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR12403 (explicit specialization innon-namespace scope)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR13106 (no return warning)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR13289 part 2 (integral or enumerationconstant check)

Re: [C++ PATCH] [PR/12573] Handle COMPONENT_REFs invalue_dependent_expression_p (mainline regression)

[C++ PATCH] [PR/13243] Detect more non constant expressions (regression in mainline)

Re: [C++ PATCH] [PR/13243] Detect more non constant expressions (regression in mainline)

[C++ PATCH] [PR/9154] New parser regression on ">>" vs "> >"

[C++ PATCH] [PR9634] A little bit of DR224 (regression on mainline)

[C++ PATCH] Allow 'template' within non dependent nested-specifiers (regression on trunk)

[C++ PATCH] Fix 13241

[C++ PATCH] Fix 13242

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR13262 regression (static member init accesschecking)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR13289 (circular dependency during static memberinstantiation)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Handle ptmf default conversions while matching a template argument (fix PR/10126)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Handle ptmf default conversions while matching atemplate argument (fix PR/10126)

[C++ PATCH] Robustify Java function handling (part of the overload patch)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Robustify Java function handling (part of theoverload patch)

Re: [C++ PATCH] Using declarations should not conflict (PR/2294) - TAKE 2

Re: [C++ PATCH] Using declarations should not conflict (PR/2294) -TAKE 2

[C++ PATCH]: check java classes

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 12774

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 13387

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 13494

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 13507

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 9043

[C++ PATCH]: Fix PR 13114, 13115

[C++ PATCH]: PCH and hash tables

[C++ PATCH]:Fix 12881

[C++ PATCH]:Fix 13118

[C++ PATCH]:Fix 13387 breakage

[C++, tree-ssa] PATCH to fix c++/12453 (g++.dg/ext/stmtexpr1.C)

[C++] Fix infinite recursion in generic thunk handling

[C++] mechanical PATCH to rename constant_expression_p

[C++] PATCH to build_modify_expr for c++/13371

[C++] PATCH to build_vec_init for c++/12253

[C++] PATCH to give the anonymous namespace a null DECL_NAME

[C++] PATCH to handling of varargs and non-PODs

[C++] PATCH to make convert_to_void respect TREE_NO_UNUSED_WARNING

[committed] .hidden support on hppa64-hp-hpux* with HP linker

[committed] Add myself to MAINTANERS (write-after-approval)

[committed] Autoconf 2.57 conversion followup

[committed] Bugfix 2 for future autoconf2.5x conversion

[committed] Bugfix for future autoconf2.5x conversion

[committed] Cleanup following autoconf 2.57 conversion

[committed] correction in install.texi

[committed] Fix MIPS nestfunc-6.c execution failures

[committed] Fix PR target/13054 and improve handling of indexed addresses on PA

[committed] mark obsolete targets for 3.4

[committed] MIPS fix for g++.dg/other/struct-va_list.c

[committed] put cp/g++.1 in $(docdir)

[committed] Revert direct_pool_load_p patch

[committed] Trampoline fix for hppa64 - take 2

[committed] Update some macros for autoconf 2.57


[cs] darwin-related patches to clear rtl

[cs] Fix PCH usage with compile server

[cs] initialization order patch

[cs] Makefile patches for testing compile-server

[cs] misc cleanups

[cs] patch cppfiles.c

[cs] patch fix to use protptypes

[cs] patch to add '/' to include paths

[cs] patch to ansi-fy gcc/cp

[cs] patch to fix 'empty source file' pedwarn

[cs] patch to free buffer of main file


[cs] patch to move variable inside #ifdef

[cs] patch to not create "output fragment" for C

[cs] PATCH to not save asm output

[cs] patch to re-use tag types

[cs] patch to reset some assembly/rtl counters

[cs] patch to revert reset of funcdef_no

[cs] path to reset TREE_SYMBOL_REFERENCED

[cs] reuse server socket patch

[csl-arm-brach] Add -march=armv6

[csl-arm-branch] 1136 load-byte piplene additions

Re: [csl-arm-branch] __arm__/__thumb__ vs. #machine(arm)

[csl-arm-branch] Add sign/zero extend instructions.

[csl-arm-branch] Clean up FPU target flags

[csl-arm-branch] rtx_costs #2

[csl-arm-branch]: Add arm926 pipeline

[csl-arm-branch]: Add bypasses for 1136 and 1026 pipelines

Re: [csl-arm-branch]: Better bypasses for 1026 and 1136 processors

[csl-arm-branch]: Better bypasses for 1026 and 1136 processors

[csl-hpuc-branch] vestigial destructor parameter

[csl-hpux-branch]: Use targetm structure for manglings

[DOCPATCH] Remove troubles with HP-UX 9 and SunOS 4.

[fortran,patch] Full implementation of assign, assigned goto.

[gcov] improve error diagnostics

[gcov]: Fix 11773

Re: [gfortran, patch] Old patches needed to apply.

[gfortran,patch] Assign, assigned goto available.

[gfortran] brute force fix all address typing errors

[gfortran][PATCH] Fold early

[libgfortran] Change complex type letter to 'z'

[libstdc++,committed] Remove trailing whitespace in include/*

[libstdc++] PATCH: STL allocator cleanup, part 1

[libstdc++] PATCH: STL allocator cleanup, part 2

[m68k] Fix linking for binaries using -mid-shared-library

[makefile] [ada] More cleanup from xgnatug fix

[mudflap] rewrite to process and produce gimple

[new-ra] constraint modifiers bugfix, spilling dead webs

[new-ra] PATCH: Improved Register Rematerialization

[PATCH ping] PR target/12898: constant emitting reload problem on Alpha

[PATCH, obvious] opts.o, explow.o depend on langhooks.h

[PATCH, obvious] remove uses of the PARAMS macro

[PATCH,committed] Tweak testcase g++.dg/warn/noreturn-3.C

[PATCH/RFC] Convert gcc subdir to autoconf 2.5x, now!


[PATCH] (Partial) fix for PR middle-end/13392

Re: [PATCH] - Use of powerpc 64bit instructions in 32bit ABI

[Patch] [3.3 commited] Fix warning

[PATCH] [3.3] backport fix for PR 11243/13475, ICE on initializing vectors

[PATCH] [C++] Fix C++/13507

[PATCH] [C++] Fix PR 13268 and 13339 (error-recovery problems)

[Patch] [Commited] [Altivec] Fix PR 12467, altivec_vmsummbm was wrong

[PATCH] [COMMITED] Fix bootstrap on powerpc-apple-darwin after setting need 64 HOST_WIDE_INT

[PATCH] [Commited] PR 11322, profile code is broken for sh-netbsd

[PATCH] [committed] AIX collect2 weak symbol exports

[PATCH] [committed] Fix -fprofile-generate on Darwin

[PATCH] [Committed] Fix PR libstdc++/13480 warning in i386's atomicity.h

Re: [PATCH] [Committed] Fix PR libstdc++/13480 warning in i386'satomicity.h

[PATCH] [committed] PR 12749: i386 LP64 bug

[PATCH] [Libmudflap] [Committed] fix darwin7.0

[PATCH] [libmudflap] Fix PR 12670 fix build of libmudflap on Darwin 6.x

[PATCH] Add new model m32r2 of Renesas M32R

[PATCH] Add TPF config support to libstdc++

[PATCH] Add uClinux support for uberbaum build

[patch] added --with-cpu support form m68k-linux

[PATCH] Allow 64bit warnings on 32bit targets

[PATCH] ARM - new split patterns for bitfield accesses

[PATCH] ARM - transform (X << y) - 1) into ~(~(X-1) << y) for const X

[patch] ARM gas Floating Point options


[PATCH] ARM/thumb: fix addressing of sub-word operations with virtual regs

[PATCH] ARM: add missing register constraints

[PATCH] assign_parm update max_parm_reg

[PATCH] Avoid printing host INT_MIN as raw digits

Re: [PATCH] Avoid wrong code with nonlocal gotos on ARM

[patch] avr.*: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] avr: Fix PR target/12721.

Re: [PATCH] Big frame support (SPARC64)

[patch] boehm-gc remove darwin hack

[PATCH] c++/13070: Merge anticipated type attributes

[PATCH] C++/DWARF : Add 'using' support

[PATCH] C++/DWARF : Add 'using' support - take 2

Re: [PATCH] Change comment in `tree.def'

[Patch] Change version from 3.4 to 3.4.0

[patch] Clean up EXIT_IGNORE_STACK.

[patch] combine.c: Fix PR optimization/12508.

[patch] compileflags for libgcc

[patch] config/*/*.[ch]: Convert to ISO-C.

[patch] config/a*: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] config/i386/*.[ch]: Remove register specifiers.

[PATCH] configure's CPPFLAGS not passed to gcc/Makefile

[PATCH] Convert remaining target files to ISO prototypes

[patch] cp/*.[ch]: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] cp/*: Fix comment/ChangeLog typos.

[patch] darwin changes 3.4.

[PATCH] Define _ILP32 in ILP32 mode on IA-64 HPUX


[PATCH] Disable libgcj by default on IA-64 HPUX

[PATCH] disable profiling in collect2 sub-compile

[patch] Disable some tests with large arrays on H8.

[patch] Disable testcases with too large bit-fields.

[PATCH] fibheap.h __extension__ for GNUC

[PATCH] Fix PR C++/9021 and 11005

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR C++/9021 and 11005 -TAKE 2

[PATCH] Fix a couple of IA-64 unwinder bugs

[PATCH] Fix another problem with RTX_UNCHANGING_P

[PATCH] Fix another problem with RTX_UNCHANGING_P (take 2)

[patch] Fix bug in cleaning parameters after function call

[PATCH] Fix debug/11231, error-recovery

[PATCH] Fix for testresults bug 10819

[PATCH] fix gcc_update to use libjava/libltdl/configure.ac

Re: [PATCH] fix optimization/13024

Re: [PATCH] fix PR 11998, soft-float for powerpc-netbsdelf

[PATCH] Fix PR C++/12709 ICE with __FUNCTION__ and function-try-block

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/13239

[PATCH] Fix PR C++/13429 and C/11944

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/5050: template instantiation depth exceeds/maybe recursion optimizing

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/5050: template instantiation depthexceeds/maybe recursion optimizing

[PATCH] Fix PR c/13382

[PATCH] Fix PR C/9163, ICE in C99 mode after error with checking

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR C/9163, ICE in C99 mode after error withchecking

[PATCH] Fix PR debug/12860

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR driver/13211 using -###, warns about unused linker file

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR driver/13211 using -###, warns about unusedlinker file

[PATCH] Fix PR java/13404 , an error-recover problem

[PATCH] Fix PR libstdc++/13462 std::set's pointer is not right

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/11151

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/12085

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/12965

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13060

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13313

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13318

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13394

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13521

[PATCH] Fix PR other/7956

[PATCH] Fix PR target/13354 (SPARC)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/13466

[patch] Fix PR/12978 problem with -fweb and c4x target

[patch] Fix PR/13430 (compile time hog in bb-reorder.c)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR10060

[PATCH] Fix s390 fallout from PR11271 patch


Re: [PATCH] Fix target/12898 (reload problem on Alpha)

[PATCH] Fix unwinding through SA_ONSTACK signal frames on IA-64

[patch] Fix warnings related to GET_MODE_{BITSIZE|SIZE}.

[patch] Fix warnings related to GET_MODE_{BITSIZE|SIZE}. (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix zone collector thinko on my part

[Patch] Fixing two bugs in sbitmap functions.

[patch] Follow spelling conventions.

[patch] for optimization/13159

[patch] gcc.dg/sibcall-4.c: Replace mn10?00 with mn10300.

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc/*.c: Fix comment typos.

[patch] gcc/config: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] gcc_update remove acconfig.h for libltdl

[PATCH] gcj.texi

Re: [PATCH] GNU/KNetBSD support (with ChangeLog)

[patch] h8300.h: Fix PR target/11576.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix modes in a pattern.

[patch] h8300: Clarify normal mode related stuff.

[patch] i386.h: Remove an unnecessary #undef.

[patch] i386.md: Revive a dead pattern, *movqi_insv_2.

[patch] i386: Remove const_int_1_operand.

Re: [PATCH] Improve handling of register attributes--fix PA indexedstore problem

[patch] index.html: Update the pointer to the GCC-3.3 releasestatus.

[PATCH] Intrinsics for PowerPC

[PATCH] Intrinsics for PowerPC - Take 2

[patch] ip2k.c: Remove asm_output_section_name().

[PATCH] java/13237

[PATCH] libf2c-g77 / 12884

[PATCH] libffi: x86 win32 fix

[PATCH] Loop bug generates invalid code on s390

[patch] m32r.md: Remove a constraint from a splitter.

[patch] m32r: Fix PR target/11012.

[patch] m32r: Fix so many (24) testsuite failures. (take 2)

[patch] MAINTAINERS: Remove mn10200.

[PATCH] make gengtype C90 safe

[patch] mc68060 code generation in libgcc

[PATCH] Minor work-around for native HPPA compiler bug

[patch] mn10300.c: Fix a warning.

[patch] Move LOCAL_REGNO to defaults.h.

[PATCH] move timevars for traces and bb-reorder out of toplev

[PATCH] New option to support asymmetric integer ranges in gfortran

[PATCH] New port m32r-linux target

[patch] ns32k.c: Convert to ISO-C.

Re: [patch] Obsolete targets for 3.4, final list

[patch] ping testsuite fix for SPARC64, g++, g77, objc too?

[Patch] PR 7198: [IA64] missing usual fnma patterns

[PATCH] PR c++/13376

[PATCH] PR c/13134

[PATCH] PR fortran/12632: -fbounds-check ICE

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/12736 / C++-ABI demangler update.

Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045 / C++ demangler, floating values and function pointer type return type post fix fix

[PATCH] PR middle-end/13400: Unsafe writes in ifcvt.c

Re: [PATCH] PR opt/11634: split_insn invalidating life info

[PATCH] PR opt/12322: Speed-up trim_ld_motion_mems

[PATCH] PR opt/12628: Call reg_scan before jump bypassing

[PATCH] PR opt/13037: "Same" BIVs in update_giv_derive

[PATCH] PR optimization/12158

[PATCH] PR optimization/13472

[PATCH] Re: Your assign_parms changes

[PATCH] Reload CONST_VECTOR into memory on ppc.



[PATCH] remove duplicate definations


[patch] Remove FIRST_INSN_ADDRESS.

[PATCH] Remove K&R text from README.Portability

[patch] Remove LOAD_ARGS_REVERSED.



[patch] Remove process IDs from temprorary file names

[patch] Remove register specifiers.

[patch] rs6000/*: Fix comment formatting.

Re: [patch] rtlanal.c: Remove unused functions.

[PATCH] sh-linux: Backport 3.4 shared libgcc stuff to 3.3

Re: [patch] simplify "make compare" some more

[patch] simtest-howto.html: Mention that h8300 is a cc0 target.

[PATCH] small speed up in rs6000 for targets that do not support TLS

Re: [PATCH] small speed up in rs6000 for targets that do notsupport TLS

[PATCH] suppress blank line in diagnostic output

[patch] Testcase for PR c++/10079

Re: [PATCH] Testsuite gcc.dg mis-alignment on MIPS

[patch] testsuite: Remove traces of dead ports.

[patch] testsuite: Remove traces of dead ports. (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] treelang documentation

[PATCH] Typos in altivec.h (cmple, vec_all_numeric)

[Patch] Unnamed vector args passing for ppc linux 32 bit

[patch] v850/*: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] xtensa: Fix comment formatting.

Re: [patch]: Add -Wold-style-definition to libgcc2.c etc

[PATCH]: Fix zone collector PCH problems

Re: [PATCH]: Generate namespace info for dwarf2

[PATCH]: PR 10592 caller-save incorrectly handles a reloaded SET_DEST operand

[patch]: simplify "make compare" some more

[PATCH]: Updated patch to output dwarf2 namespace debug info

[patch]: Use `inform' instead of `warning' on mips-irix with -g -mabi=32

Re: [patch]: Use `inform' instead of `warning' on mips-irix with -g-mabi=32

Re: [patch]: Use `inform' instead of `warning' on mips-irix with-g -mabi=32

[PATCH][3.3][committed] PR 13068, mklibgcc.in doesn't install deep MULTLIBS

Re: [PATH] fix PR 13087, documentation does not follow IMA/IMI (all at once compiling)

Re: [PATH] fix PR 13087, documentation does not follow IMA/IMI (allat once compiling)

[preliminary patch] m32r: Fix so many (28) testsuite failures.

[RFC:patch] c99 6.2.2: static vs extern

Re: [RFC] CFG-based generator of unwind info

[RFC] Re: [PATCH] Fix PR C++/9021 and 11005

[RFC] Use accessor macros for the head and end of a basic block

[RFC][PATCH] backport faster dominance info patch from tree-ssa

[stree-ssa] Gimple grammar checking

[Testcase] PR c/11995

[Testcases] PR 12389 and 12923

[testsuite] XFAIL for dg-debug testsuite

[testsuite] XFAIL g++.dg/eh/simd-[12].C on SPARC

[tree-ssa libmudflap] more tests

[tree-ssa libmudflap] test case cleanup

[tree-ssa, commited] Move verify_ssa calls

[tree-ssa, committed] Kill language specific handling in cgraph

Re: [tree-ssa, cs] PATCH implement line-map cache

[tree-ssa, lno, web] Web page for the loop nest optimizer branch

Re: [tree-ssa, lno, web] Web page for the loop nest optimizerbranch

[tree-ssa, LNO] Analysis of scalar evolutions and data dependences

Re: [tree-ssa, LNO] Analysis of scalar evolutions and datadependences

[tree-ssa, lno] lno-branch created

[tree-ssa, obvious] Fix bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa, obvious] Silence uninitialized warnings

[tree-ssa, RFC] CFG transparent RTL expansion

Re: [tree-ssa, RFC] CFG transparent RTL expansion

[tree-ssa, RFC] Fix invalid sharing within tree-inline.c

[tree-ssa, RFC] Non-gimple conversions produced by inliner

Re: [tree-ssa, RFC] SSA_NAMES and overload of chain field

[tree-ssa, RFC] use the zone collector in interesting new ways

[tree-ssa, will commit] Recursive inlining

[tree-ssa, will commit] Sanity checking of callgraph

Re: [tree-ssa,RFC/RFA?] fold-const versus GIMPLE types

[tree-ssa-lno] Modify version.c for the sub-branch

[tree-ssa-lno] Remove O(n) walking of visited nodes

[tree-ssa] cgraph inlining tweeks

Re: [tree-ssa] * Committing * Operand management patch/update

[tree-ssa] -longcall branch islands for Darwin/PPC

[tree-ssa] [PATCH]: Fix PR 13177

[tree-ssa] [Testcase][Commited] PR/13067

[tree-ssa] a few testcases

Re: [tree-ssa] Allow next field to point to the same field

[tree-ssa] almost obvious

Re: [tree-ssa] Avoid jump threading from producing irreducible regions

[tree-ssa] avoid lowering array_ref and component_ref in c fe

[tree-ssa] Avoid more useless garbage in dominator optimizer

Re: [tree-ssa] Avoid nondeterminism in tree-ssanames

[tree-ssa] Avoid silly varray creations

[tree-ssa] Avoid useless tree generation in tree-ssa-dom.c

[tree-ssa] Block merging cleanup pass

[tree-ssa] Branch prediction infrastructure

[tree-ssa] Bring back PHI management

[tree-ssa] Cfg&loop manipulation bits

[tree-ssa] Cgraph code cleanups

[tree-ssa] Cleanup and enhance dominator infrastructure

[tree-ssa] Cleanup tree-optimize.c

[tree-ssa] Cosmetic change to opf_* constants

[tree-ssa] Disable tree loop optimizer by default

[tree-ssa] DOM buglet fix and others

[tree-ssa] estimate_num_insns_1 fix

[tree-ssa] Fix (hopefully) x86_64 bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa] fix *(&a[1] + 8B)

[tree-ssa] fix *(&scalar + offset)

[tree-ssa] fix alpha bootstrap

[tree-ssa] Fix alpha bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa] Fix bitfield handling

[tree-ssa] Fix bootstrap failure caused by tree-ssa-loop.c

[tree-ssa] Fix checking failures reproduced by Gerald's application

[tree-ssa] Fix comment typos.

[tree-ssa] Fix disable checking bootstrap

[tree-ssa] Fix factored_computed_goto problems

[tree-ssa] Fix for testresults bug 10819

[tree-ssa] Fix inlining confusion

[tree-ssa] fix pathalogical statement expression crash

[tree-ssa] Fix problem with loop notes emitted by targets

[tree-ssa] fixlet for sbitmap->bitmap conversion

[tree-ssa] fold const fix 6

[tree-ssa] fold-const trick for gzip

[tree-ssa] folding fix 2

[tree-ssa] folding fix 5

[tree-ssa] garbage collectable CFG

Re: [tree-ssa] goto <bb x>

[tree-ssa] handle F95 in dwarfout.c

[tree-ssa] Handle F95 on ppc64

[tree-ssa] Implement non-call exceptions

[tree-ssa] Improve jump threading

Re: [tree-ssa] Irreducible loops self checking

Re: [tree-ssa] kill handling of non-gimple address

[tree-ssa] Kill more legacy out-of-ssa code

[tree-ssa] Latent edge insertion bug

[tree-ssa] Let ggc know about factored_computed_goto

[tree-ssa] Loop header copying

Re: [tree-ssa] Loop optimizer skeleton

Re: [tree-ssa] Make PHI nodes reachable by GGC

[tree-ssa] Minor testsuite update

[tree-ssa] More aliasing fixes

[tree-ssa] More PHI node recycling

[tree-ssa] New tests

[tree-ssa] non-gimple statements produced by inliner

[tree-ssa] Non-transitive inlining plans

[tree-ssa] Obvious change in compute_dominance_frontiers

[tree-ssa] Operand management II

[tree-ssa] Operand management patch/update

Re: [tree-ssa] Organization of tree-ssa optimization passes

[tree-ssa] PATCH : Fix powerpc-darwin build failure in libmudflap

[tree-ssa] PATCH for middle-end/12920

[tree-ssa] Patch ping

[tree-ssa] PATCH to represent column numbers using source_location

[tree-ssa] PATCH: Feedback-based prefetching

[tree-ssa] Patches

[tree-ssa] patches summary

[tree-ssa] Per-variable out-of-ssa infrastructure

[tree-ssa] Problem with constant folding

[tree-ssa] Put CFG into GGC memory

[tree-ssa] Re-apply tail call elimination replacement

[tree-ssa] Re-compute TREE_ADDRESSABLE early

[tree-ssa] Recover more SSA_NAMEs, reduce garbage created

[tree-ssa] Reduce resizing of PHI nodes, create less garbage

Re: [tree-ssa] Removal of gotos from cfg based ir

[tree-ssa] Remove legacy code from out-of-ssa translation

Re: [tree-ssa] Remove stmt annotations properly

[tree-ssa] Remove tree-ssa hack, reduce memory usage

[tree-ssa] Reorganize alias analysis

[tree-ssa] RFC - tree vectorizer

[tree-ssa] Shall be DECL_NONLOCAL set for __FUNCTION__?

[tree-ssa] simple test case ICEs

[tree-ssa] Small phi node dump change

[tree-ssa] some manual store sinking for tree-dfa

[tree-ssa] SSA verifier

[tree-ssa] Tail recursion improvement

Re: [tree-ssa] Temporary Expression Replacement in SSA->normal.

[tree-ssa] Thread jumps to blocks with PHIs

[tree-ssa] tiny tree-must-alias cleanup

[tree-ssa] tree-mustalias fix

Re: [tree-ssa] tree_ssa_useless_type_conversion_p tweek

[tree-ssa] vars_to_rename conversion to bitmap

Re: [tree-ssa] Virtual operands of &a[1]?

[tree-ssa] Warning -- possible goof in dominator changes

[tree-ssa] yet another bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa]: Patch: bootstrap regression fix

[tree-ssa]: PATCH: Makefile bug

[tree-ssa]: Add an SSAPRE test

[tree-ssa]: Fix small points-to bug

[tree-ssa]: Reduce size of phi nodes by 31 bits

[tree-ssa]: Testcase for PR 13177 fix

[tree-ssa][java] fix some -O3 test cases

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Alias stats

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Fix stupid memory leak in tree-alias-ander.c

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Have tree-sra dump info about why something wasn't scalarized

Re: [tree-ssa][PATCH]: Have tree-sra dump info about why somethingwasn't scalarized

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Small enhancement to get_memory_tag_for

[tree-ssa][rfc c++/cgraph] clean up some java inlining cruft

[tree-ssa][rfc] -finstrument-functions at tree level

[tree-ssa][wwwdocs] Fix links to branch snapshots and documentation

[v3 RFC] PATCH to memory asm ops in atomicity.h

[v3] 10063

[v3] 11612

[v3] 11691

[v3] 12658

[v3] 12855

[v3] 12855 continued

[v3] 13189

[v3] 13284

[v3] 13290

[v3] 13296

[v3] 6243

Re: [v3] 9371/9546/10093/10095

[v3] Another small tweak to S_construct_pattern

[v3] conforming ext/allocators

[v3] Docs for ctype

[v3] Fix autoconf test for LFS

[v3] Fix libstdc++/10378 (DR 402 [Ready])

[v3] Fix libstdc++/11723 + minor tweaks

[v3] Fix libstdc++/12653 (DR 303 [WP]) and other bits

[v3] Fix libstdc++/12791

[v3] Fix libstdc++/13217

[v3] Fix libstdc++/13341

[v3] Fix libstdc++/13369

[v3] Fix some corner cases in the extraction of floats

[v3] Fixes for Martin's issue

[v3] formatting clarifications

[v3] Improve the fix for 13341, and num_get::do_get(bool&)

[v3] ios export restrictions

[v3] locale docs

[v3] Minor tweak to num_get::_M_extract_int

[v3] Minor tweaks to 2 performance tests

Re: [v3] Minor tweaks to basic_filebuf::underflow

[v3] refcount consistency check

[v3] Remove a try/catch in do_put(void*)

[v3] Simplify and speed-up do_get_year

[v3] Some work on time_get::_M_extract_via_format

[v3] Speed up <char> do_narrow/widen

[v3] Speed up integer types parsing

[v3] std::list formatting tweaks

[v3] Tweak basic_string::reserve to allow shrink-to-fit

[v3] Tweak testcase for 12438

[v3] Work on the performance testsuite

RE: [Web, gfortran, committed] Updated TODO list, added contributors list.

[Web, gfortran, committed] Updated TODO list, added contributorslist.

[www patch] Fix typos.

[www patch] Rotate news.

Re: [www-patch] Testing C++ changes

[wwwdocs/fortran] Fix URL to tree-ssa snapshots

Re: [wwwdocs] Cleanup for cvs.html

[wwwdocs] fix pdp11 line in backends.html

[wwwdocs] Make the arch table a HTML table in backends.html

[wwwdocs] Update changes-3.4.html

Add PowerPC vector register constraint to documentation

Another patch for mips-sgi-irix6.5 --with-gnu-ld

re-apply sibcall replacement

asm clobbers of the frame pointer

Attention All School Staff, Personnel, and Students:

auto-detected pure functions are ``inlined'' in spire of noinline

Re: avoid unnecessary register saves for setjmp

Baby's First AldyVec/AltiVec patch

Better SSE vector composition/decomposition code

Bit-field patch to predict.c

Bit-field patch, part 1

C++ PATCH: Change default ABI version to 2

C++ PATCH: Fix covariant[23].C

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 10603 and 12827

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 10779, 12160

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 11554

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 13275

C++ PATCH: Fix PR c++/13081 and c++/12613

C++ PATCH: Fix PR c++/13305

C++ PATCH: PR 10771

C++ PATCH: PR 12218 and 12696

C++ PATCH: PR 12397

C++ PATCH: PR 12795

C++ PATCH: PR 12989

C++ PATCH: PR 13009

C++ PATCH: PR 13179

C++ PATCH: PR 13243 and PR 12573

C++ PATCH: PR 13269

C++ PATCH: PR 13310

C++ PATCH: PR 13323

C++ PATCH: PR 13438

C++ PATCH: PR 9127

C++ PATCH: PR 9849

C++ PATCH: PR c++/10926, c++/11116

C++ PATCH: PR c++/12479

C++ PATCH: PR c++/12862

C++ PATCH: Remove -fexternal-templates and -falt-external-templates

Re: C++ PATCH: Remove -fexternal-templates and-falt-external-templates

Checking the 'I' printf flag

Clear runtime type matcher in exception processing

committed: Ada updates

committed: removal of auto-generated files

committed: updated instructions to build Ada

Re: CONSTRUCTOR Confusion about the gccinternals document.

Contents of file `gcc-3.3.2.de.po.gz'

contrib/gcc_update patch for libjava/libltdl import

correct comment in ggc-page.c

Re: cpplib and iconv.h (bootstrap failure)

Re: Do we still need ggc-simple

Doc fix: @item vs. @itemx

DOC PATCH to c-tree.texi: CATCH_ALL_TYPES is gone

doc/contrib.texi patch for David Mosberger

document vector logical operations

Re: Don't lose asm sets of frame pointer

Don't use fixproto on Darwin.

Re: Re-enable tail call optimization

expmed.c patch for IA-64 glibc ICE

Export bits of the demangler's internal interface

Failure from a sysroot patch on GCC-3.3

Failure of new mangle*.C tests under hppa*-hp-hpux*

Re: fastjar.info not installed any longer?

Fix -minline-all-stringops wrt memcmp

Fix 3 CPP PRs

fix 64-bit errors in libffi testsuite

fix alpha gp reload vs nonlocal gotos

Re: Fix cse related fail of pure-1.c on powerpc64-linux

fix execute/wchar_t-1.c

Re: Fix for "libgloss uses STARTUP directives consistently"

Fix for 10591, make variables in anonymous namespace static

fix for recent bootstrap problems

Fix gcc.dg/builtin-apply2.c

fix gcc.dg/intermod-1.c on alpha

fix i386 constraint mistake

Fix i386 memcpy/memset expanders

Fix ICE in compiling glibc

Re: Fix mips PR bootstrap/13145

Fix nestfunc-[56].c segfault

Fix PR libobjc/11433

Fix PR target/9929

Fix PRINT_REG problem on x86-64

Fix profiledbootstrap failure caused by warning

Fix profiledbootstrap with -fprofile-generate/-fprofile-use

Fix two objc LP64 testsuite problems (three remain)

fix vaarg3 failure

Re: Fix x86-64 epilogues wrt very large stack frames

fixed optimization/13260

fixes for small PCH PRs

fixinc: darwin_private_extern

Folding fix 1

Fortran alias analysis on tree-ssa - a proposal.

FR-V FDPIC ABI implementation

FRV-specific ifcvt bug

function.c patch for unexpected IA-64 volatile mems

Re: GCC 3.4 Release Status (2003-12-16)

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-12-25T18:09:31Z.

gcc/g++ driver changes for libunwind

Re: gcc/gcc ChangeLog aclocal.m4 configure.in conf ...

Re: gcc/gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg darwin-misaligned.c

Re: gcc/libjava ChangeLog java/lang/natRuntime.cc ...

gcse.c patch for IA-64 glibc math test failures

Help: webizer pass vs. i386's TARGET_STACK_PROBE

ia64.c patch for PR 8407

Re: IA64: roblem with OUTGOING_ARG

Re: Re-implement COMMON and EQUIVALENCE

Re: implement negdi2 on frv

Improve PREFERRED_RELOAD_CLASS documentation

Re: incorrect descriptions of predict.{def,h}

index.html: Update the pointer to the GCC-3.3 release status.

iq2000 port: minor cleanups.

Kill -fgnu-linker

kill alpha va_list -Wpadded warnings

labug1.f fix

let treelang accept tabs

libiberty dependency for floatformat.o

libobjc sarray.c patch (Bug 11904)

libstdc++ sparc64 atomic op fix

Re: Mainline: make[2]: ada/doctools/xgnatug: Command not found

merge visibility attribute

Re: MIPS ABI changes in GCC 3.4

Re: MIPS patch for n32/n64 sibcalls

More small ia64-hpux fixes

move `future.options' to web pages

movtf changes on rs6000 for target/11848

New German PO file for `gcc'

Next round of new demangler patches

Re: Nonlocal gotos: wrong frame pointer handling

Obvious patch for typo in gcc_update

PATCH (3.3, *-freebsd*): Tweaks to match FreeBSD system compiler

PATCH (mainline): Fix bootstrap failure for in-src configuration

PATCH (top-level build machinery, mainline, ping1): Fix in-src 'strap

Re: PATCH (top-level build machinery, mainline, ping1): Fix in-src'strap

PATCH [3.3] PR 11271

patch applied: fixed target/13302

Re: PATCH column number support

Patch containing comments about Itanium insn bundling

PATCH cppfiles file_hash brokenness

PATCH for cvswrite.html (was: incorrect descriptions of predict.{def,h})

Patch for demangling Java identifiers which are C++ keywords

Patch for irix .globl directives

Patch ping: fix memory corruption caused by assign_parms change

patch remove set_new_first_and_last_label_num

Re: PATCH rename fileline typedef -> source_location

PATCH rewrite duplicate_decls to not modify olddecl (fixes gcc/12336)

Re: PATCH rewrite duplicate_decls to not modify olddecl (fixesgcc/12336)

PATCH RFC: Patches to speed up the demangler

Re: Patch to allow arm-unknown-linux-gnu target to build in FSF mainline

Patch to allow arm-unknown-linux-gnu target to build in FSFmainline

Re: Patch to demangle-expected--remove the final error

Patch to fix recent cp-demangle.c change

Patch to gcc/resource.c for PR target/13256, CRIS, SH, reorg, dbr, strict_low_part.

Re: Patch to gcc/resource.c for PR target/13256, CRIS, SH, reorg,dbr, strict_low_part.

PATCH to get_unwidened

Patch to implement -fenable-msvc-relaxations

PATCH to make line_maps table global

PATCH to tree-dump.c for middle-end/13234

PATCH to warn about non-register matching asm operands

Patch: PR 12828

Re: Patch: reload missing check for HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED

PATCH: [darwin] - add code to recognize macho lo-sum addresses

PATCH: [darwin] Adding branch prediction bits for bdxx instructions

PATCH: Add -rpath-link for sysroot'd Solaris builds

PATCH: Another demangler patch for member function qualifiers

PATCH: configure.in: remove leading space from raw_libstdcxx_flags

Re: PATCH: delete gcc/config.guess

PATCH: Deprecate -fwritable-strings

PATCH: Diable TLS on Itanium HP-UX

PATCH: Fix builtin-constant.c on Thumb

PATCH: Fix builtins-18.c and builtins-20.c on arm-none-elf

PATCH: Fix demangler bug when DMGL_PARAMS is not set

Patch: Fix for compiling GNU Classpath

PATCH: Fix PR c++/13314

PATCH: Fix spurious ARM testsuite failures

PATCH: Fix stmtexpr1.C on Thumb

PATCH: Fix stor-layout buglet

PATCH: fix target arm-linux

PATCH: Fix va-arg-22.c on ia64-hp-hpux11.2[3]

PATCH: fortran/index.html

PATCH: fortran/librarystatus.html

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

PATCH: gcc-3.4/changes.html

PATCH: Improve native Windows support on csl-arm-branch

PATCH: Improve testsuite infrastructure for profiling

PATCH: index.html and 3.3 (was: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/12085)

PATCH: java/done.html

PATCH: More demangler patches

PATCH: projects/ia64.html

Re: PATCH: Re: sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk mirror out of date

PATCH: readings.html

PATCH: Remove -gdwarf

Re: PATCH: RFA Fix C/13014

PATCH: Tweak g++.eh/badalloc1.C (for *-*-freebsd* -pthread only)

PATCH: XFAIL static11.C for ARM

PATCH: XFAIL vbase10.C on ARM

PATCH:[darwin] fix load of a misaligned double word

Patches not applied

Patches summary

PATCHes: Fix two Thumb failures.

pedantic use of enum bitfields

Performance regression due to combine.c patch

PING : [PATCH] Yet another tree dumper : Part 2 (4/4)

PING: PATCH - cse of sub-expressions of zero_extend/sign_extend expressions

Ping: patches for 3.3 branch, present on mainline.

ping^2: [Makefile] PR/12744 Re-enable builds from release tarballs.

PR debug/13367

Re: PR fortran/13434

PR ice/13473

PR opt/12617

Re: pthread related breakage (mainline)

Re: Question on Makefile.in's program_transform_cross_name

recent work on include/bits/locale_facets.h

Re: regarding CVS repostory on Savannah

Remove CHILL support from rs6000.c (traceback table)/fixObjective-C value/Question on Java

Re: Remove CHILL support from rs6000.c (tracebacktable)/fixObjective-C value/Question on Java

revised rs6000 -mcpu patch

Re: RFA: Another demangler patch--check for end of string

RFA: Change prototype for nan() in mathconf.h

RFA: Disallow c99 flexible array support in C++

RFA: Fix demangler testsuite and a couple of demangler buglets

RFA: More demangler patches, with fixes for gcc/13244 and gcc/13304

RFA: new tests for xscale

RFA: Support infinity, NaN, and denormalized numbers in floatformat.c

RFA: Use filenames.h in libiberty/lbasename.c

Re: RFC: debugging-GCC commented-out-code architecture

RFC: untangle arm_address_cost

RFC: when using libunwind, add -lunwind to link line when usingshared libgcc

Re: RFC: when using libunwind, add -lunwind to link line whenusing shared libgcc

rtl.def comment fix

S/390: Fix target/11992

S/390: Implement strlenM patterns

S/390: Update config.gcc section for TPF

Set Altivec, ppc64 when -mcpu specifies a processor that has them

Re: sh-linux: Backport 3.4 shared libgcc stuff to 3.3

Re: Slightly ambiguous wording in cppopts.texi

small bug fixes applied to sh.md

small fixes for libunwind support

Re: Speedup count_or_remove_death_notes

SSE ABI change proof for Jan's old patch

Re: Support for %d$c format specifier in diagnostics.c

Switch on '.' patterns with -mpowerpc64

testsuite tweak

texinfo.tex updated

Re: tree-dfa is broken

trivial fixes for i386.c on Darwin/x86

typo in i386.md

Unreviewed C++ patches

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch for 3.3, mcore-elf

Unreviewed patch for 3.4, m32r-elf

Unreviewed patch for PR opt/13037 [3.3 and mainline]

Unreviewed patch: PR debug/12860

Re: Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patches for Bugs 12009 and 12010 (testsuite driver bugs, targeted for 3.4)

Re: Unreviewed patches for Bugs 12009 and 12010 (testsuite driverbugs, targeted for 3.4)

Fw: update to vectorization webpage.

V3 PATCH: Fix arm-none-elf failures

V3 Testsuite PATCH: Disable tests on newlib

Withdrawn patches

x86/MMX/SSE shift by immediate

Re: XCOFF cleanup

yet another libunwind configure patch

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