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Re: [PATCH] New option to support asymmetric integer ranges in gfortran

Steve Kargl wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 26, 2003 at 02:21:34PM -0500, Scott Robert Ladd wrote:

I should bring this up on comp.lang.fortran to see what the general community thinks of all this.

I suspect you'll get the standard "You invoked an intrinsic function with a number outside the model for integers, so you are getting processor defined behavior (i.e., you just started WW III)."

Nevertheless, I think that Scott did the right thing - you'll bet there are REAL EXISTIERENDE compilers that give different answers; besides, as Scott emphasized, it's an important question in the Fortran-C interface definition that's part of Fortran 2003.

I'll expect at least an interpretation request coming out of this - may be more.

Thanks, Scott, for your perseverance.

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