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Re: [PATCH] Intrinsics for PowerPC

On Dec 22, 2003, at 5:54 PM, Ziemowit Laski wrote:

On 22 Dec 2003, at 17.24, Syd Polk wrote:
Bootstrapped on Darwin; OK to check in?

Generally looks OK, but I have a couple of comments, recently having gone thru the rs6000.c baptism of fire myself:

1) Instead of creating a new .md file, perhaps you can add 'eieio' to (I'm a bit surprised it is not there already, actually...) For most of the remaining intrinsics, I would expect/hope that the corresponding instructions are already in

The only problem I have with that is adding 50+ more descriptions to this file. It seemed cleaner to put it in a separate file, but I can be convinced.

2) To define the function signature for 'eieio', you may want to use what's done elsewhere in the code:

tree void_ftype_void
= build_function_type (void_type_node, void_list_node);

as I'm not sure if 'build_function_type_list' will do what you want...

Aside from that (and Andrew's scheduler comments which went over my head :-) ), I see no reason why these can't be checked in after a bootstrap, but where? :-) :-) If you find out, please let me know, and maybe I'll check in my AltiVec work there as well...

I am asking for approval in the TOT 3.4.

Syd Polk
Apple Computer
Technology EPM, Mac OS X Development Tools
+1 408 974-0577

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