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Re: [PATCH] Intrinsics for PowerPC

On 22 Dec 2003, at 17.24, Syd Polk wrote:

The Metrowerks CodeWarrior compiler provides a set of builtin functions that map down to single instructions so that developers can issue one or two instructions without having to resort to inline assembler. Here at Apple, we have emulated that functionality by providing a combination of macros and inline functions that map to CodeWarrior's functions.

Our implementation has some problems, however. Because many of these instructions require immediate operands (not register loads), they have to be implemented using macros; however, at least one of our customers has macros on top of the intrinsic function which cause it to fail compilation if the intrinsic is a macro. Also, by making them builtins, we might later be able to do instruction scheduling with them.

This patch is mainly to set up the structure for these intrinsics in gcc. It only has one simple one, __eieio; later, it will be expanded to the full set plus some others that have been asked for by developers.

Bootstrapped on Darwin; OK to check in?

Generally looks OK, but I have a couple of comments, recently having gone thru the rs6000.c baptism of fire myself:

1) Instead of creating a new .md file, perhaps you can add 'eieio' to (I'm a bit surprised it is not there already, actually...) For most of the remaining intrinsics, I would expect/hope that the corresponding instructions are already in

2) To define the function signature for 'eieio', you may want to use what's done elsewhere in the code:

  tree void_ftype_void
    = build_function_type (void_type_node, void_list_node);

as I'm not sure if 'build_function_type_list' will do what you want...

Aside from that (and Andrew's scheduler comments which went over my head :-) ), I see no reason why these can't be checked in after a bootstrap, but where? :-) :-) If you find out, please let me know, and maybe I'll check in my AltiVec work there as well...


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