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Re: [patch]: Use `inform' instead of `warning' on mips-irix with-g -mabi=32

 > FYI These changes may affect the testsuite and dejagnu, because they
 > have code to prune warnings, and some of the sed patterns check for
 > the string "warning".
 > dejagnu/lib/target.exp (prune_warnings) for instance has
 > regsub -all "(^|\n)(cc1: warning: -mabi=32 does not support
 > -g\[^\n\]*\n?)+\" $text "\\1" text
 > regsub -all "(^|\n)(cc1plus: warning: -mabi=32 does not support
 > -g\[^\n\]*\\n?)+" $text "\\1" text
 > These are already broken, because the warning text changed, but they
 > are also doubly broken now because we emit note instead of warning.

Right.  This is wierd.  The irix6 pruning text has been in dejagnu for
years, but this warning is new because the -mabi=32 multilib stuff was
just recently added.  There must have been some other -mabi=32 support
at some point which this pattern was supposed to match?

 > Similarly, in gcc/testsuite/lib/prune.exp there are some sed patterns
 > that check for warning.
 > It probably isn't worth fixing any of these unless someone runs into a
 > problem.

Ok then I won't change any other diagnostics except irix6.  What I'll
do is put a pattern in gcc/testsuite/lib/prune.exp for the new message
text and run a multilib testsuite pass to see if it works.  If it
does, I'll pass it upstream into dejagnu.  My irix6 box is down with a
hardware failure, so it'll be a little while.

Kaveh R. Ghazi

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