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Re: auto-detected pure functions are ``inlined'' in spire of noinline

Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

> Aren't you surprised that, when you compile code like this:
> void foo() __attribute__((__noinline__));
> void f() { foo(); }
> void foo() {}
> the code output for f() does not call foo()?
> Haven't you ever spent some time staring at the function inlining code
> just to find out that it wasn't inlining, after all, but rather the
> fact that foo() was auto-detected pure, and so the call was replaced
> with mere evaluation of its arguments, i.e., nothing at all?
> (i) adjust the docs of attribute noinline so as to mention this case,
> such that it is not surprising to those who learn about noinline in
> the docs and then don't understand why it's not working, or
> (ii) arrange for attribute noinline to disable the code that
> auto-detects the purity/constness of functions.

I think if you choose (ii), it would be better to rename the
attribute, since 'noinline' will become a somewhat misleading name.  I
suggest 'volatile', since I think that's the behaviour you really

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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