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Re: [PATCH] treelang documentation

James Morrison wrote:
        * treelang.texi (What is GNU Treelang?): Fix a typo.
        (Lexical Syntax): Create an itemize list of keywords.

You should say something about how you tested the patch. Even though this is just a doc patch, you should make it clear that you built the texinfo files without problem. There is some stuff on our web pages about what kind of testing is needed for different kinds of patches.

I'm OK with all of this except for one little bit at the end. We have

-All names must be globally
-unique - the same name may not be used twice in any context - and must
-not be a keyword.
+All names must be globally
+unique, may not be used twice in any context, and must
+not be a keyword.

We have a sentence that says two things, and you changed it into a sentence that says three things, two of which are the same. The original sentence makes it clear that two of them are the same by using dashes which you deleted. I don't think this change is right. Maybe something like this instead:

All names must be globally unique, i.e. they may not be used twice in any context. Also, they must not be a keyword.

Or maybe we stay with the original sentence which looks OK to me.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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