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Re: [PATCH/RFC] Convert gcc subdir to autoconf 2.5x, now!

> However, that isn't the only platform, of course.  :-)  If other
> people could please try doing this on their platforms, and report back
> any regressions in the contents of auto-host.h or any other output
> files, it would be much appreciated.

As another datapoint, it works great with auto{header,conf} 2.59 on i686-pc-cygwin.

FWIW, according to the autoconf mailing list, 2.59 actually was released, but it never showed up on due to a hacker intrusion. I believe that 2.58 had a fairly serious bug in that it ignored absolute pathnames and was supposed to be immediately pulled for 2.59.

I would think that if the decision is made to use 2.59 instead of 2.57, then it would make sense to also simultaneously upgrade boehm-gc, fastjar, and libstdc++-v3 to use it as well as automake 1.7.9.

There doesn't seem to be much sense in adding yet another version skew to the eclectic mix of gcc-developer tools.

Thanks for the work,
Kelley Cook

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