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Re: [RFC] CFG-based generator of unwind info

> >I'm working on a CFG based generator of unwind info, the patch is attached.
> Keep in mind that we support two different unwind info formats, one 
> based on DWARF2 CFI, and one based on IA-64 unwind sections.  Also, we 
> support 3 different unwinders, the one in libgcc, the one in David 
> Mosberger's libunwind package, and the one in the ia64-hpux system 
> library.  The latter two only support IA-64 unwind sections.  The data 
> formats and APIs are standardized in the IA-64 ABI and in the C++ ABI.

Thanks for reminding.

> I see you propose adding a new function to unwind.h, 
> _Unwind_Get_Argument_Reg.   This is a deviation from the C++ ABI, and 
> also by implication from the IA-64 ABI.  This needs to be documented, 
> and we need to avoid use of it when alternative unwind libraries are 
> used, because none of them will have it.  Current deviations are 
> documented with @@@, and there is a libstdc++ macro LIBUNWIND_STD_ABI 
> that controls what functions libstdc++ can call.

This was ment to be used by user to get the value from unwind context.
It would not be used anywhere in GCC and its libraries.


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