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Re: [PATCH] - Use of powerpc 64bit instructions in 32bit ABI

On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, at 03:36 PM, Eric Botcazou wrote:

Does the appended patch work better for you?

Definitely. I couldn't find any obvious cases for which the code still does
dumb things. If it suits Fariborz' needs and yours, please commit it (a
clarified comment would be nice too).

Yes, it does meet the need for the 'long long' pattern.

- fariborz

	The SPARC ABI, especially for records, is complex and I am trying
to understand how to mitigate the problems you are seeing.

Yes, the 64-bit ABI is a bit intricate, to say the least. Thanks for your
patience with it :-)

You need to meet me half way and consider what this change is trying to
accomplish on other architectures.

I understand. Simply, until very recently (your previous message), I didn't
know where you really had started from.

If we make the test too tight to match one specific port or architecture,
then we no longer have a portable, retargetable compiler.

Note that the opposite statement is also true: if we make the test not tight
enough, we risk to inadvertently catch unwanted patterns on other
architectures, as the SPARC64 example clearly demonstrates.

Eric Botcazou

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