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Re: XCOFF cleanup

Ben Elliston wrote:
The following patch moves the C_* defines from dbxstclass.h into
xcoffout.h, where its purpose is more apparent.  It also means we can
remove an unclearly named file.  Tested by building for --target
rs6000-aix4.3.3.  Okay to commit?

dbxstclass.h stands for dbx storage class. It seems pretty obvious to me. :-) I suspect I choose that name because AIX has a <dbxstclass.h> file and the first version of this code used that. I don't have access to any AIX host to check though. I then later had to write my own version of the file so we could build cross compilers and I used the same file name. I added a comment to make it clear I got the info from reading documentation rather than by copying info from the AIX header file. There is no reason to continue using the same filename as AIX though.

Putting the info in xcoffout.h doesn't seem quite right though. These aren't gcc internal macros. These are macros defined by the xcoff debug standard. Identical definitions can be found in binutils and gdb in include/coff/internal.h. Consider also the case of dwarf2.h and dwarf2out.h. I would suggest that renaming the file to xcoff.h would be more appropriate.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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