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Re: [PATCH]: Updated patch to output dwarf2 namespace debug info

David Carlton <> writes:

> On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 11:58:26 -0600, Benjamin Kosnik <> said:
>> Attached is a patch that applies without errors to today's sources. I
>> have verified that it bootstraps and adds no new regressions. 
> Thanks to everybody who's gotten this applied so quickly - I really
> appreciate it.
>> Where are the patches to gdb that make use of this info? I'd like to
>> try them out.
> Do:
> cvs -d co -r carlton_dictionary-branch gdb+dejagnu
> To run tests, go to the gdb directory and do 'make check'.  The test
> results shouldn't be any worse after this patch has been applied to
> GCC than they were before the patch was applied; one test, in
> rtti.exp, should turn from a FAIL (or KFAIL, I can't remember) to

When is this branch going to be merged to mainline?  For the release
of GCC 3.4, we need a gdb that handles this correctly I assume...

 Andreas Jaeger,,
  SuSE Linux AG, Deutschherrnstr. 15-19, 90429 Nürnberg, Germany
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