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'long double' support for Darwin

(RFC) (was Re: [PATCH] Improve SH literal pool generation.)

150 meg of varrays (was Re: [tree-ssa PATCH] Pick memory consumptionlow hanging fruit)

Re: 3.3 PATCH: Add --with-sysroot support

Re: 3.3 PATCH: Add PNI support

Re: 3.3 PATCH: Correct ia64 intrinsics

Re: 3.3.2 prerelease still on ftp

Re: 3.3.2/3.4 PATCH: Correctly fix IRIX 6.5.19 <internal/stdio_core.h>

3.4 PATCH: Ada testsuite fixes

3.4 PATCH: Allow building IRIX 6 libgnat

3.4 PATCH: Don't use #include "file.h" for system headers in Ada

Re: 3.4 PATCH: Don't use #include "file.h" for system headers inAda

3.4 PATCH: Don't use numeric values for _MIPS_SIM

3.4 PATCH: Fix IRIX 6 bootstrap failure (-Werror fallout)

3.4 PATCH: Fix Solaris/x86 bootstrap failure (-Werror fallout)

3.4 PATCH: Fix Tru64 UNIX bootstrap failure (-Werror fallout)

Re: 3.4 PATCH: fixinc: alpha_wchar

3.4 PATCH: Handle C++ like ISO C94 on Tru64 UNIX

3.4 PATCH: Remove duplication in ada/Makefile.in


Re: [gfortran]: Resolve EQUIVALENCE

Re: [gfortran] ICE with common blocks

Re: [gfortran] Patch for test suite program: intrinsic_fraction_exponent.f90

Re: [rfc] rewrite of local equivalences

Re: max-stack-var-size

[gfortran, patch] fix ICE with missing format label error.

[gfortran] Fix bug for size of COMMON block

[gfortran] Patch for test suite program: intrinsic_fraction_exponent.f90

[gfortran]: Resolve EQUIVALENCE


[3.3] [patch] Emit .note.GNU-stack section on linux arches which by default need executable stack

[Bug bootstrap/13068] [3.3 Regression] mklibgcc.in doesn't installdeep MULTLIBS

Re: [Bug c/13133] Extraneous register-saves triggered by setjmp()

[Bug debug/12869] Bad stabs for bitsize fields

[Bug fortran/13238] [gfortran] read(X,*) segfault onunformatted input unit

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR11616 (wrong line number afterinstantiate_pending_template)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR12796 (wrong line number in invalidusing decl error)

Re: [C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR12924 (TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR handling in finish_class_member_access_expr)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR12924 (TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR handling infinish_class_member_access_expr)

Re: [C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR12924 (TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR handlingin finish_class_member_access_expr)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR12932 (ICE tsubst address of staticfunction)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR2019 (warning about duplicate friend)

[C++ PATCH,committed] Fix PR9810 (Access-declaration handling formember function template)

[C++ PATCH] [PR/12573] Handle COMPONENT_REFs in value_dependent_expression_p (mainline regression)

[C++ PATCH] Handle ptmf default conversions while matching a template argument (fix PR/10126)

[C++ PATCH] Unreviewed patch (^4)

[C++ PATCH] Unreviewed patch: PR c++/5369 member friend declaration

Re: [C++ PATCH] Using declarations should not conflict (fix PR/2294)

[C++ PATCH] Using declarations should not conflict (PR/2294) - TAKE 2

[C++, tree-ssa] PATCH to preevaluate new-initializer args

[C++,committed] Remove a bogus extra argument to build_nt

[c++,committed] Revert patch for PR/c++2294

[C++] My unreviewed patch^2

[C++] PATCH to avoid reevaluation of new placement args

[C++] PATCH to support strong using extension

[commited] x86-64 __float128 calling convention fix

[committed 3.3] MAINTAINERS: add myself as a vax port maintainer

[committed] ADAC removal part 1

[committed] ADAC removal part 2

[committed] ADAC removal part 3

[committed] Add ultrix to file mmap blacklist

[committed] Another C90 declaratiom missed

[committed] convert alpha/{elf,unicosmk,vms.h} to C90

[committed] convert arm/pe.h to C90

[Committed] Convert config/arc to C90

[committed] fix -falign* for frv

[committed] Fix backend code generation problem associated with PR 12845

[Committed] Fix cygwin bootstrap failure

[committed] Fix PR optimization/12630

[committed] fix thinko in frv_initial_elimination_offset

[committed] Fix typos in collect2.c

[committed] Fix typos in frv_init_libfuncs

[committed] Fix warnings building trunk on vax-ultrix

[committed] Fix warnings from function.c and toplev.c

[Committed] Install gccinstall.info (was fastjar.info not installed any longer?)

[committed] MAINTAINERS: add my as a vax port maintainer

[committed] Patch to fix mips execute/980605-1.c failures

[committed] Patch to fix PR target/12727

[committed] Patch to frv_in_small_data_p

[committed] Remove obsolete comment from config/ns32k/ns32k.h

[committed] Some reload tweaks

[committed] Trampoline fix for hppa64

[committed] Yet more fallout from -Werror

[cs] c-format.c patch

[cs] fragment handling improvements

[cs] improve fragment-related information messages; other c-common.ctweaks

[cs] invalidate fragment boundaries inside struct definition

[cs] minor finish_options fix

[cs] rewrite duplicate_decls to not modify olddecl

Re: [cs] Robustify in the presence of PCH n snarf-n-barf

[cs] track macro dependencies

[csl-arm-branch] Add 1136 core scheduler description.

[csl-arm] Fix Thumb thunks (actual patch)

Re: [csl-arm] Fix Thumb thunks (actual patch)

[csl-asm?] PR middle-end/11821: Tweak arm_rtx_costs_1

[csl-hpux-branch]: Add vestigial incharge parameter

[csl-hpux-branch]: Mangle long double correctly

[csl-hpux-branch]: object mangling

[csl-hpux-branch]: Virtual destructor position

[Darwin] Patch: enable hidden visibility

Re: [doc-patch] contrib.texi: add 4 maintainers

[Fwd: Patch: fix -fno-builtin builds]

[gc] dwarf2out.c fixes for compile-server

Re: [gfortran, patch] fix ICE with missing format label error.

[gfortran] [PR13155] Interface mangling in modules.

[gfortran] Change argument passing

Re: [gfortran] Fix bug for size of COMMON block

[gfortran] Fix inlining

[gfortran] Fix PR 12704

[gfortran] Fix PR fortran/13105

[gfortran] Fix {MIN|MAX}LOC

[gfortran] ICE with common blocks

[gfortran] Memory allocation

[gfortran] module with interface block

[gfortran] Nullify deallocated pointers.

Re: [gfortran] Patch for test suite program: intrinsic_fraction_exponent.f90

[gfortran] Remove push/pop_context.

[gfortran] Resolution fixes

Re: [gfortran] STOP code

[gfortran] Updated Code for Array Argument Passing

Re: [gfortran]: Resolve EQUIVALENCE

[Java] PATCH for optimization/12547

[mainline, g77, committed] Fix for PR Fortran/12633.

[Makefile] PR bootstrap/12744 Allow release tarballs to build withoutbison/flex/makeinfo

Re: [Makefile] PR bootstrap/12744 Allow release tarballs to buildwithout bison/flex/makeinfo

[new-ra] Bootstrap with Ada

[new-ra] Don't special-case stack pseudos

[new-ra] Fix rematerialization

[new-ra] Reusing more refs

[PATCH ARM] Fix big-endian half insns

[patch committed mainline, proposed for 3.3] Fix cpp -traditional bug


[PATCH, commited] PR11514

[PATCH,committed] Testsuite fix for PR12796 patch

[patch,m68k] Get rid of #ifdef MOTOROLA

[Patch/cygwin-mingw]: Declare function aliases as functions.

[PATCH/m68k] get rid of #ifdef MOTOROLA in m68k.md

[PATCH/m68k] Move feature defines from config headers into config.gcc

[patch?] num_sign_bit_copies1: sign_extending consts

[PATCH[ Fix regression with pointer-to-member constants

[patch] *.html: Fix typos.

Re: [PATCH] - Use of powerpc 64bit instructions in 32bit ABI

[PATCH] [gfortran]: Fix some typos and remove sf refernces

[patch] ADAC removal documentation update

[patch] add a configure flag for GATHER_STATISTICS

[PATCH] add gthr-gnat.c to LIB2ADDEH for darwin

Re: [PATCH] Add in docdir support for .dvi files - make_dvi.patch [1/1]

Re: [PATCH] ARM. Optimize some frame-pointer return cases

[PATCH] ARM: Fix non-ISO C function definitions

[PATCH] Avoid crash compiling nonlocal gotos on ARM

Re: [PATCH] Avoid memory wastage in simplify_replace_rtx

[PATCH] Avoid unaligned memory reference on ARM

[PATCH] Avoid wrong code with nonlocal gotos on ARM

[PATCH] Big frame support (SPARC64)

[PATCH] Change comment in `tree.def'

Re: [PATCH] config.sub support for the TPF OS

[patch] config/rs6000/sysv4.h C90

[PATCH] configure mips*-linux and soft-float...

[patch] Convert config/arm/pe.h to ISO C90

[patch] Convert gcc/config/arc to C90

[PATCH] Correct test for empty set.

[PATCH] Correct thinko (DECL_RTL to DECL_RTL_SET_P) in function.c

[patch] darwin shared/dylibed library support

[patch] detailed rtx allocation stats

[PATCH] Do not RTL inline functions calling `longjmp'

[PATCH] Dont create redundant cgraph edges?

[patch] dylib for darwin follow up

[patch] execute/va-arg-25.c: Enable only if INT_MAX == 2147483647.

Re: [patch] execute/va-arg-25.c: Enable only if INT_MAX ==2147483647.

[patch] final.c: Remove a commented-out code.

[patch] Fix -pg on PA for large executables/libs

[patch] Fix a typo in ChangeLog.

[PATCH] Fix Ada makefile problem with parallel make

Re: [PATCH] Fix AMD64 handling of functions with huge stack frames (take 2)

[PATCH] fix compiling gcc in SPEC CPU 2000 on darwin with -finline-functions and -funit-at-a-time

[PATCH] Fix complex floating-point types passing (SPARC64)

[PATCH] Fix documentation typos

[PATCH] fix optimization/13024

[PATCH] Fix PR driver/13211 using -###, warns about unused linker file

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/11151

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/7847

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/12799

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/12926

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/13041

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/12503

[PATCH] Fix PR target/12900

[PATCH] Fix preprocessor/12847

[patch] fix sparc #cpu and #machine assertions

[PATCH] Fix Sparc `mprotect' trampoline problem

[PATCH] Fix target/12898 (reload problem on Alpha)

Re: [PATCH] for optimization/10080: Loop unroller nearly useless

[PATCH] for Review: Fix for PR java/12548

[patch] gcc-3.4/changes.html: Make target-specific improvementsmore readable.

[patch] gcc-3.4/changes.html: Mention improvements on H8 port.

[patch] gcc-3.4/changes.html: Remove redundancy in target-specificimprovements section.

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[PATCH] gcc/testsuite/g++.old-deja/g++.pt/asm1.C should also work on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

Re: [PATCH] gcc/testsuite/g++.old-deja/g++.pt/asm1.C should alsowork on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

[patch] genemit.c: Remove an assignment-only variable.

[PATCH] GNU/KNetBSD support (last patch!) w/ChangeLog

[PATCH] GNU/KNetBSD support (with ChangeLog)

[patch] h8300.*: Fix formatting.

[patch] h8300.c: Convert to ISO-C.

[patch] h8300.h: Fix a comment.

[patch] h8300.h: Fix warnings.

[patch] h8300.h: Update a comment.

[patch] h8300.h: Use a macro instead of a literal.

[patch] h8300.md: Don't use REGNO when its operand is notguaranteed to be a REG.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix warnings.

[patch] h8300.md: Give names to anonymous insns.

[patch] h8300.md: Make some patterns anonymous.

[patch] h8300.md: Name some patterns with '*'.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove an unnecessary '&' constraint.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove constraints from define_expand.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove constraints from expanders.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Add a comment.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Don't save/restore an unused register.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Don't save/restore unused registers.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Fix a misleading label name.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Fix comment typos.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Optimize ___udivsi3 and ___umodsi3.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Optimize ___udivsi3.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Optimize DenHighNonzero.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Optimize divmodsi4.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Optimize divnorm and modnorm.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Optimize udivsi3 and umodsi3.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Remove unused macros.

[patch] h8300/lib1funcs.asm: Simplify nested calls of __udivsi3.

[patch] h8300: Emit correct stack ldm/stm in normal mode.

[patch] h8300: Emit correct stack push/pop code in normal mode.

[patch] h8300: Fix an error from --enable-checking.

[patch] h8300: Use define_constants more.

Re: [PATCH] Have powerpc recognize G3, G4, and G5

[PATCH] Improve handling of register attributes--fix PA indexed store problem

[patch] install.texi: Update valgrind's URL.

[patch] invoke.html: Mention dV and dZ.

[patch] invoke.texi: Update dump file names.

[PATCH] java/12857: Fix class literals

[PATCH] java/13024: fix buffer overrun

[PATCH] java/13183: Use correct class context for constant pool

[PATCH] Java: Fix PR 12866

[patch] libffi Makefile.in configure

[patch] libffi PR11147 possible fix PLEASE test

Re: [patch] libffi prep_cif.c move FFI_ASSERT_VALID_TYPE

[patch] libffi testsuite

[patch] libffi testsuite extension

[patch] libffi testsuite make result check more verbose

[patch] libffi testsuite MMAP

[patch] libffi testsuite new testcases

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: More GNU/KFreeBSD fixes (w/ ChangeLog and test log)

Re: [PATCH] libstdc++: More GNU/KFreeBSD fixes (w/ ChangeLog andtest log)

[PATCH] m68k: get rid of #ifdef MOTOROLA in m68k.c (rev.2)

[PATCH] Make `outer_function_chain' external

[PATCH] Makefile PR/12744 take 2

[PATCH] Mark SJLJ EH label as local

[PATCH] Minor loop analysis improvements

[patch] New testcase for PR 12726.

[patch] Obsolete targets for 3.4, final list

[PATCH] only have varray name with ENABLE_CHECKING

[PATCH] powerpc64 very large stack frames

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/12736

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/12736 / C++-ABI demangler update.

Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045 / C++ demangler, floating values and function pointer type return type postfix fix.

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045 / C++ demangler, floating values and function pointer type return type postfix fix.

Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045 / C++ demangler, floating values andfunction pointer type return type postfix fix.

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045 / C++ demangler,floating values and function pointer type return type postfix fix.

[PATCH] PR opt/11634: split_insn invalidating life info

[PATCH] PR opt/12280: Avoid RTL sharing in noce_emit_cmove

[PATCH] PR opt/5263: Improve simplify_associative_operation

[PATCH] PR optimization/10817: New noce_try_move function

[PATCH] Prevent infinite looping in distribute_notes

[PATCH] Remove count_sub_rtxs from genattrtab.c

[patch] Remove leftover ADAC usages

[PATCH] RFA: Another purge_addressof_1 patch

[patch] rtlanal.c: Remove unused functions.

[PATCH] Some work on the zone collector

[PATCH] Speed up genattrtab

[PATCH] Speed up preprocess_constraints

Re: [PATCH] Support stateful encodings in basic_filebuf

[patch] t-h8300: Remove an obsolete comment.

[PATCH] treelang documentation

[patch] tsystem.h, unwind-pe.h: Make h8300 port buildable again.

[PATCH] Unreviewed patches -- The Sequel

[PATCH] Use back end exceptions for Ada on ia64

[patch] Xfail 20020720-1.c for frv platform

Re: [PATCH] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.x on mipsisa32...

Re: [PATCH] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.x on mipsisa32...

[PATCH] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.x on mipsisa32...

Re: [PATCH] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.x onmipsisa32...

Re: [PATCH] XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.xon mipsisa32...

Re: [PATCH] Yet another tree dumper : Part 2 (4/4)

[patch]: Add -Wold-style-definition to libgcc2.c etc

Re: [PATCH]: Fix PR c/12372

[PATCH]: Generate namespace info for dwarf2

[Patch]: O_RDONLY compilation failures in libffi testcases on solaris2

Re: [Patch]: O_RDONLY compilation failures in libffi testcases onsolaris2

Re: [PATCH]: PR 11271 Handle reloading of R+R+CONST for any reg

[PATCH]PR target/10129 ADA bootstrap failure on Darwin

[PATH] fix PR 13087, documentation does not follow IMA/IMI (all at once compiling)

[revised] Patch to add return_in_msb target hook

[RFA] libffi x86 32bit PR13221 fix.

[RFC] CFG based RTL expansion

[RFC] CFG-based generator of unwind info

Re: [rfc] rewrite of local equivalences

[RFC] speed up compute_store_table

[RFT] libffi PR13221 x86 test cases

[rth@gcc.gnu.org: gcc/gcc ChangeLog.tree-ssa Makefile.in bitmap. ...]

[Testsuite] More about gcc.dg/builtin-apply*.c

[Testsuite] SPARC tweaks

[Toplevel] Enable libjava on cygwin

[Toplevel] Pass $CONFIG_SHELL down to gcc

Re: [Toplevel] Pass $CONFIG_SHELL down to gcc (take2)

[tree-ssa libmudflap] AIX defines

[tree-ssa libmudflap] portability tweaks

[tree-ssa mudflap] symbol wrapping using #pragma redefine_extname

[tree-ssa mudflap] unbreaking after gimple changes

[tree-ssa PATCH] fix tree dumping (obvious)

[tree-ssa PATCH] Kill RTL never_reached_warning

[tree-ssa PATCH] Pick memory consumption low hanging fruit

[tree-ssa, C++] PATCH for optimization/11269: Reimplement namedreturn value optimization

[tree-ssa, commited] cleanup_cond_expr_graph fix

[tree-ssa, commited] Remove STRIP_CONTAINERS

[tree-ssa, committed] Re-instated f/config-lang.in

[tree-ssa, obvious] Fix bootstrap with GATHER_STATISTICS

[tree-ssa, RFC] SSA_NAMES and overload of chain field

[tree-ssa,RFC/RFA?] fold-const versus GIMPLE types

[tree-ssa/mainline PATCH] fold "test"==0 into constant

[tree-ssa/mainline] fold fix

[tree-ssa] Allow next field to point to the same field

[tree-ssa] Remove stmt annotations properly

[tree-ssa] [PATCH]: Add some PRE regression tests

[tree-ssa] [patch]: Make self-referential ephi nodes DTRT

[tree-ssa] Aliasing fixes, take 3

[tree-ssa] Aliasing issues revisited

[tree-ssa] alloca/setjmp discovery take II

[tree-ssa] Avoid fold_const crash on return with no value

[tree-ssa] Avoid jump threading from producing irreducible regions

[tree-ssa] Avoid nondeterminism in tree-ssanames

[tree-ssa] BIND_EXPR removal

Re: [tree-ssa] bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa] Bring IA64 closer to bootstrap

[tree-ssa] c gimplification changes

[tree-ssa] cfg_remove_useless_stmts

[tree-ssa] check for, and fix, type mismatches across &/*/[].

[tree-ssa] clean up pre edge splitting

[tree-ssa] clean up type casting hole

[tree-ssa] Cleanup after control structures removal

[tree-ssa] Cleanups to cgraph inlining heuristics

[tree-ssa] COMPOUND_EXPR removal

[tree-ssa] Computed/nonlocal goto handling fixes

[tree-ssa] Create less garbage in dominator optimzier

[tree-ssa] dead const/pure/alloca call removal

[tree-ssa] do not produce useless copies

[tree-ssa] Dumping line numbers

[tree-ssa] empty statement cleanup

[tree-ssa] execute/20021120-1.c

[tree-ssa] final statement chaining patch

[tree-ssa] finish tree-eh tailrecurse transform

[tree-ssa] fix abort after overload resolution error

[tree-ssa] Fix alpha bootstrap

[tree-ssa] Fix bootstrap failure

[tree-ssa] Fix build failure

[tree-ssa] fix c++/12751

[tree-ssa] fix c++/12770

[tree-ssa] fix execute/20000917-1.c

[tree-ssa] Fix fallout from removing BIND_EXPR nodes

[tree-ssa] fix fortran debugging

[tree-ssa] fix g++.bob/case1.C

[tree-ssa] fix java dumps

[tree-ssa] fix pr 13174

[tree-ssa] Fix PR12640

[tree-ssa] Fix prototype in tree-nomudflap.c

[tree-ssa] fix some alpha objc failures

[tree-ssa] Fix tree-eh.c/tree-ssanames.c WRT GGC

[tree-ssa] fix uninit read in cfg_remove_useless_stmts_bb

[tree-ssa] Fix verifying order of basic blocks

[tree-ssa] Fix warning in c-semantics

[tree-ssa] fold_binary_nondestructive tweek

[tree-ssa] Further memory usage reductions

[tree-ssa] Further reduce memory consumption in tree-ssa code

[tree-ssa] GGC friendly function save/restore

Re: [tree-ssa] Illegible dumps with dump_cfg_function_to_file

[tree-ssa] Improve memory characteristics of VDEFs

[tree-ssa] Irreducible loops self checking

[tree-ssa] kill handling of non-gimple address

[tree-ssa] Kill tree-ssa-copyprop.c

[tree-ssa] label_expr sanity check

[tree-ssa] Lazily allocate varrays

[tree-ssa] Loop optimizer skeleton

[tree-ssa] lower_cond_expr improvement

[tree-ssa] Make PHI nodes reachable by GGC

[tree-ssa] Make some tree-walking functions tail recursive

[tree-ssa] Make tail-call work on SSA form

[tree-ssa] Minor bugfix to cfg_remove_useless_stmts

[tree-ssa] minor c_warn_unused_result reorg

[tree-ssa] missing diagnostics for break/continue

[tree-ssa] Missing testcases

[tree-ssa] more aggressive address folding

[tree-ssa] More efficient lowered COND_EXPR representation

[tree-ssa] More IA64 fixes

[tree-ssa] More memory reductions

[tree-ssa] More SSA->normal tweaks

[tree-ssa] more useless type conversions

[tree-ssa] must-alias fixes...

[tree-ssa] naming of labels in dumps

Re: [tree-ssa] New failures after 2003-11-06 changes

Re: [tree-ssa] New regressions after 2003-10-26

Re: [tree-ssa] New regressions as of 2003-11-04

[tree-ssa] new testcase: copyprop on structs

[tree-ssa] new testcase: dead stores to arrays and structs

[tree-ssa] new testcases: cprop on arrays and structs

[tree-ssa] notice alloca/setjmp calls early enough

[tree-ssa] NUM_VOPS

[tree-ssa] obvious verify_flow_info improvement

Re: [tree-ssa] Optimize tail calls not in the final block

[tree-ssa] Organization of tree-ssa optimization passes

[tree-ssa] PATCH for c++/11266

[tree-ssa] PATCH for c++/13033

[tree-ssa] PATCH for libjava/testsuite/libjava.compile/ArrayClass.java

[tree-ssa] Patch ping -- Removal of gotos from cfg based ir

[tree-ssa] PATCH to do_return_redirection

[tree-ssa] PATCH to handle asm memory clobbers

[tree-ssa] PATCH to use DECL_UID in dumps

[tree-ssa] Pick up a few more jump threading opportunities

[tree-ssa] pre-fix gcc.dg/volatile1.c

[tree-ssa] Prevent infinite loop in get_strlen

[tree-ssa] Proper saving of function bodies

[tree-ssa] re-compute TREE_ADDRESSABLE during find_referenced_vars

[tree-ssa] re-enable tail recursion

[tree-ssa] Re-enable threading COND_EXPR arms

[tree-ssa] Re-use SSA_NAME expressions

[tree-ssa] Really remove unused variables

[tree-ssa] Removal of gotos from cfg based ir

[tree-ssa] remove more -wno-error hacks

[tree-ssa] Remove TDF_LINENO from all

[tree-ssa] Remove useless var->var copies

[tree-ssa] rename add_tree

[tree-ssa] replace sibcall.c take 3

[tree-ssa] Restore make check-f95

Re: [tree-ssa] Return Java byte compiler to sanity

[tree-ssa] Sanitize selection of real and virtual operands

[tree-ssa] Small pretty printing fix

[tree-ssa] source_location re-write

[tree-ssa] Speed up PHI insertion

[tree-ssa] Speedup count_or_remove_death_notes

[tree-ssa] SSA->normal patch, eliminate virtual PHis early.

[tree-ssa] SSA->normal shuffle

Re: [tree-ssa] SWITCH_EXPR lowering

Re: [tree-ssa] switch_expr lowering, part 1

[tree-ssa] tail call conversion

[tree-ssa] Temporary Expression Replacement in SSA->normal.

[tree-ssa] TER : Temporary expression replacement checked in.

[tree-ssa] Tiny PATCH to canonicalize_component_ref

[tree-ssa] tree-ssa/20030730-{1,2}.c fixes

[tree-ssa] tree-ssa/20030907-1.c fix

[tree-ssa] tree_ssa_useless_type_conversion_p tweek

[tree-ssa] tree_verify_flow_info tweeks II

[tree-ssa] tweak decl_uid printing

[tree-ssa] Tweak tree-ssa/20030808-1.c

[tree-ssa] un-spoof statements on edges

[tree-ssa] Update 20030728-1.c

[tree-ssa] update remove_useless_stmts

[tree-ssa] verify_ssa

[tree-ssa] verify_stmts

[tree-ssa] verify_stmts and verify_ssa

[tree-ssa] Work around for an unfortunate fold-const vs. tree-optimizer interaction

Re: [tree-ssa] Work around for an unfortunate fold-const vs.tree-optimizer interaction

[tree-ssa] Your patch is causing regressions

[tree-ssa]: Bring PTA into bootstrap land

[tree-ssa]: Fix PR optimization/12936

Re: [tree-ssa]: Inserting on an entry block edge seems to cause a split

Re: [tree-ssa]: Inserting on an entry block edge seems to cause asplit

[tree-ssa]: Load PRE patch committed

[tree-ssa]: Pre-split critical edges for SSAPRE

[tree-ssa]: Speed up SSAPRE

[tree-ssa]: Speed up SSAPRE and enable load PRE

[tree-ssa]: Stop GC allocating varrays in SSAPRE

[tree-ssa][Bug optimization/12747] Scalar replacement ofaggregates (part 1)

[tree-ssa][gfortran] unify creation of temp variables

[tree-ssa][java] remove dead rtl inliner code

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Fix building of dominator tree

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Fix dfs_id/dfn arrays in tree-ssa-pre

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Fix PR/13163

[tree-ssa][PATCH]: Speed up SSAPRE

[tree-ssa][RFC] Remove unused files

[tree-ssa][wwwdocs] Updated branch status and short term goals

[tree0ssa] Dead const/pure function removal take II

[v3] 12297

[v3] 9371/9546/10093/10095

[v3] A couple of new testcases...

[v3] Codecvt::do_length rewrite and other tweaks

[v3] conditional tweak

[v3] debug mode

[v3] debug mode fixups, again

[v3] doc update

[v3] Docs: add/update entries for some DRs

[v3] Fix 2 wrong comments and uses of char_traits::find

[v3] Fix basic_filebuf/overflow/wchar_t testcases

[v3] Fix libstdc++/11544 and 11603

[v3] Fix libstdc++/11602

[v3] Fix libstdc++/12868

[v3] Fix libstdc++/12875

[v3] Fix libstdc++/12882

[v3] Fix libstdc++/13007

[v3] Fix libstdc++/13171

[v3] Implement resolution of DR 300 [WP]

[v3] Implement resolution of DR 328 [WP]

[v3] Implement resolution of DR 91 [WP]

[v3] Locale work

[v3] Minor simplification of a switch in monetary_members.cc

[v3] Minor tweak to __numpunct_cache<>::_M_cache

[v3] Minor tweak to a locale/cons testcase

[v3] Minor tweaks to basic_filebuf::underflow

[v3] ostreambuf_iterator tweaks

[v3] time_get::_M_extract_names and capitalized names

[v3] Tweak a recently added test (13171-2.cc)

[v3] Use GCC's math builtins in std_cmath.h

Re: [v850 patch?] num_sign_bit_copies1: sign_extending consts

[www patch] Mention the saveall attribute.

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 6: section about upgradingthe compiler

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 6: section about upgrading the compiler

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 6: section about upgradingthe compiler

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 6: section about upgrading the compiler

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite, part 6: section about upgradingthe compiler

Re: [www-patch] bugs.html rewrite,part 6: section about upgrading the compiler

[www-patch] bugs.html rewrite,part 6: section about upgrading the compiler

[www-patch] changes to readings.html

[www-patch] htdocs/gcc-3.4/changes.html: list some changes

[www-patch] Testing C++ changes

[wwwdocs] Cleanup for cvs.html

[wwwdocs] Document a recent C++ friend declaration change

Ada config for x86_64-linux

Re: Ada is still broken on AMD64 and IA64

Re: Ada is still broken on AMD64 and IA64 (Was: Re: Ada config for x86_64-linux)

Re: Ada updates frozen

ada/7sosprim.adb is not 64-bit clean

Add support for DMGL_PARAMS to new V3 demangler

add test for Xtensa dwarf2 debug_line assembler support

Re: Alternate return

Another ia64 warning fix

Another look at the ARM division routine

argument numbering for the tree inliner

avoid unnecessary register saves for setjmp

Bootstrap failure on sh-linux target

Re: Brokenness in sed -er- fixincludes

C patch to deprecate compound expressions as lvalues

C patch to deprecate conditional expressions as lvalues

C++ PATCH: Fix crash10.C

C++ PATCH: Fix dce1.C

C++ PATCH: Fix PR/12832

C++ PATCH: Fix pretty[12].C

C++ PATCH: Fix va_arg3.C

C++ PATCH: PR 12515

C++ PATCH: PR 12735

C++ PATCH: PR 12762

Clarify documentation of GTY "tag" and "desc

combine.c patch to delete unused function

commited: Makefile.tpl update

committed: Ada changes in gcc-3.4/changes.html

committed: Ada clean ups

committed: ada test suite driver update

committed: Ada test suite fixes

committed: Ada update

committed: Ada updates

committed: PR 12950 changes

Contents of file `gcc-3.3.2.de.po.gz'

convert_modes() and TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION

Delete some more .cvsignore files

Re: Different code with default and -finline-limit=600 (fwd)

Do not XFAIL gcc.c-torture/execute/20020227-1.x on x86_64

Documentation: advertize cvs co -P

Doing mips relocs the alpha way

Don't lose asm sets of frame pointer

Enable first scheduling pass for SH4

Re-enable tail call optimization

Fix -Wno-long-long warnings in ada

Fix alloca handling of very large datastructures

Fix another case of precision vs. bitsize confusion

Fix f/intdoc.texi warning

Fix f77.rebuilt

fix for libunwind link errors

Re: Fix for PR 12537

Fix for PR/6552

Fix gen_label_die for removed labels.

Fix glibc builds

Fix mips PR bootstrap/13145

Fix off-by-one when computing VRSAVE on rs6000

fix rtlanal.o dependencies

Fix shared libraries on mips-sgi-irix6 --with-gnu-ld

Fix some testsuite failures on x86-64

Fix strrchr simplification

Fix sysroot breakage on 3.3 branch

Fix two warnings...

Fix uninitialized variable in cp/parser.c

Fix unwind-dw2-darwin.c: Tester for Patch needed

fix vector varargs parameter passing on darwin

Fix warnings in unwind-dw2.c

Fix x86 segfault on thread-local asm operands

Fix x86-64 epilogues wrt very large stack frames

fr30.c: include toplev.h

g++ build failure (Was: C++ PATCH: PR 12735)

Re: g++.dg/other/static11.C regression

gcc-3.3: Fix libstdc++-v3 recompilation on non-glibc system

gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.x passes on x86_64

gcc/Makefile.in missing semicolon

GNU standards compliance for my recent patch

Re: HJ's patches break 3.3 install?

Re: ia64 bootstrap failure again

ifcvt RTL sharing patch updated

implement negdi2 on frv

Improve error message when PCH is invalid & no header exists

improve ggc-page.c memory stats

incorrect descriptions of predict.{def,h}

install-info makefile rules

Re: Installing glibc headers before building bootstrap gcc (was: Re: [PATCH] missing #ifndef inhibit_libc in gcc/config/rs6000/linux.h)

Installing glibc headers before building bootstrap gcc (was: Re:[PATCH] missing #ifndef inhibit_libc in gcc/config/rs6000/linux.h)

invoke.texi says -fweb enabled by -O2

java/11045: int cast bug

java/11533: Inlining drops static initialization of inner class

java/12890: ICE on compilation of class with throwing method

java/4914: Internal compiler error in emit_move_insn, at expr.c:2713

Java: fix byte compiler

link errors with recent glibc (-static)

Make cgraph_node smaller

RE: max-stack-var-size

micro-patch for rs6000.c

MIPS patch for compile/20031023-*.c

MIPS patch for n32/n64 sibcalls

mkconfig.sh: Portability fix

Multiple letter constraints for the s390 backend

new ARM shift pattern for double

New German PO file for `gcc'

The new invalidation tests are failing... (Re: [v3] debug mode)

Re: no --with-sysroot in binutil? Re: --with-sysroot not in gcc-3.3.x?

Re: Nonlocal gotos: wrong frame pointer handling

Partial fix for 11654

Partial new configuration: rs6000 hooks for OpenBSD

PATCH (3.3.X): real.c cross 64bit -> 32bit portability

PATCH - cse of sub-expressions of zero_extend/sign_extend expressions

PATCH - Minor changes to support 64bit int/32bit ABI for PPC

Re: PATCH - Restore TREE_STATIC flag of previous decl when C99 6.2.7p2 rule is enforced.

PATCH - Restore TREE_STATIC flag of previous decl when C99 6.2.7p2 rule is enforced.

Re: PATCH - Restore TREE_STATIC flag of previous decl when C996.2.7p2 rule is enforced.

Re: PATCH - Restore TREE_STATIC flag of previous decl whenC99 6.2.7p2 rule is enforced.

PATCH - Saving varargs for powerpc with -mpowerpc64

patch applied to sh.md: add prefetch pattern

patch applied: fix sh64-elf libstdc++-v3 build

PATCH column number support

Re: PATCH don't segfault in cc1 if main file mssing [fixes preprocessor/12545]

Patch for bootstrap/12752

Patch for bug 13150

Patch for Bug#12955

Patch for Bug#4794

PATCH for middle-end/12526 to TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS handling in build()

Re: PATCH for middle-end/12526 to TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS handling inbuild()

Patch for PR c/10333

PATCH for Re: GCC Mainline is in Stage 3

Patch for Review: ${target}-gcjh for Native Builds

PATCH for: Broken Documentation Link

PATCH implement line-map cache

Patch installed for -Werror failure in dbxout.c

Patch installed: check more #system assertions in gcc.dg/cpp/assert4.c

PATCH rename fileline typedef -> source_location


Re: PATCH to defer cpp_read_main_file and related changes

Patch to demangle-expected--remove the final error

Patch to exgettext

Patch to fix gcc.dg/cpp/assert4.c for -gnu and -linux-gnu targets

Re: Patch to fix gcc.dg/cpp/assert4.c for -gnu and -linux-gnutargets

Patch to fix non-sun targets pretending to be sun-solaris2

Patch to fix warning in solaris2 libgcc2.c L_trampoline

Patch to move cross-compilation documentation from install-old.texi

Patch to move hardcoded language testsuite targets

Patch to refine prerequisites docs

Patch to remove -Wformat-y2k from -Wall

Patch to remove extraclean targets

Patch to remove old VMS install documentation

Patch to replace malloc() with new in V3

PATCH to TAGS handling

PATCH/Ada: Fix DIR_SEPARATOR bug on win32 targets

Patch: Boehm descriptor generation

Patch: reload missing check for HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED

PATCH: (Darwin weak symbol support): introduce decl visibility bits

PATCH: __cxa_vec_delete* Changes

PATCH: bugs.html

PATCH: Create csl-hpux-branch

PATCH: doc/install.texi

PATCH: doc/invoke.texi

Re: PATCH: enable Ada test suite

PATCH: Fix demangler bug

PATCH: Fix PR c/13029

PATCH: fix PR debug/11325

Patch: fix PR java/12915

Patch: FYI: automated libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classify_zip_file fixlet

Patch: FYI: fix PR 12894

Patch: FYI: gcjh fixlet

PATCH: java/contrib.html

PATCH: lists.html -- mention archives more prominently

PATCH: maintainer-scripts/maintainer-addresses

Patch: new testcase for assertions: gcc.dg/cpp/assert4.c

PATCH: RFA Fix C/13014

PATCH: RFA reload.c patch

PATCH: steering.html -- update my affiliation

PATCH: Thunk infrastructure improvement on ARM branch

PATCH: work-around for bug in -traditional-cpp

Re: Pending C++ patch (Fix dump of FUNCTION_DECL withinexpressions)

Pending patch for xscale

Pending patch for xscale -- arm_rtx_costs

Ping patches (were sent before stage 3)

Re: Plans for 3.3 series

A polite ping for pending patches.

PowerPC mfcrf fix

powerpc64 option checks

Re: Question on -Werror usage in Makefiles...

Remove old varargs.h support from rs6000.c

remove rtl ssa pass

Remove: doschk.c?

Repost: [PATCH] java/12739

revert GET_MODE_BITSIZE related expmed.c patches

Re: revised patch was Re: [PATCH] configure mips*-linux and soft-float...

revised patch was Re: [PATCH] configure mips*-linux and soft-float...

Re: revised patch was Re: [PATCH] configure mips*-linux andsoft-float...

Re: revised patch was Re: [PATCH] configure mips*-linuxand soft-float...

RFA: add missing REG_EQUAL notes in cse_around_loop

RFA: amend comment in loop_invariant_p

RFA: Another demangler patch--check for end of string

RFA: Don't pass DMGL_VERBOSE to cplus_demangle() when testing.

RFA: fix comment in flow.c

RFA: fix handling of 'p' in constrain_operands

RFA: Improvements to libiberty v3 demangler

RFA: More demangler patches, including fix for other/13206

RFA: New V3 demangler

Re: RFA: New V3 demangler [Attn. Steering Committee]

RFA: passing ADAFLAGS to ada build

RFA: Patch for new demangler

RFA: Patch for new java demangle failures

RFA: Rebuild test-demangle when libiberty.a changes

RFA: tune arm_rtx_costs function for xscale multiply

RFA: xstormy16: Fix used of poisoned macro

RFC: Address some fallout from "fractional modes"

RFC: debugging-GCC commented-out-code architecture

rounding of soft-fp mul, div

S/390 [3.3]: Backport ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_DTPREL

S/390 [3.3]: Fix ABI corner cases

S/390: Fix ABI corner cases

S/390: Fix cmpint_di insn

S/390: Fix movqi/movhi inefficiency

S/390: Minor tweak to register 14 handling

Re: Should -fcross-jumping be part of -O1?

Small optimisation tweak for rs6000.c

small true_dependence patch

Re: Special handling of "%H" (Re: Support for %d$c format specifier in diagnostics.c)

Speedup count_or_remove_death_notes

Stop find_split_point from clobbering constant pool entries

stop some constant folding of readonly arrays

Tail call ellimination take II

tree inline bug and fix

Tree-SSA patches summary

Re: Tree-SSA self checking infrastructure


Unreviewed convert_modes()/TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION patch

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch (^3), PR debug/5271

unreviewed patch (regression) Make reg_overlap_mentioned_for_reload_p more exact to avoid bad code generation

Unreviewed Patch: Use of powerpc 64bit instructions in 32bit ABI

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed-3-months patch

Update frv port to C90

Re: Update to fastjar directory to allow for readonly source directory.

Re: Updated code for array argment passing

updated for unwind-libunwind.c

Use VRSAVE always on Darwin

Re: Using GCC 2.95 as a bootstrap compiler

vr4111 has no FPU

Warning fixes for ia64

Re: wwwdocs/htdocs index.html

XCOFF cleanup

XFAIL for GCC compat testsuite

yet another i386 print_reg patch

Your changes to Ada C files had several problems

Your patch to ada/acats/run_acats had syntax errors

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