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Re: [PATCH] PR libstdc++/13045 / C++ demangler, floating values and function pointer type return type postfix fix.

Paul Koning <> writes:

> I don't understand this -- code is built for a particular target.
> Why can't the demangler interpret floating point stuff according to
> what --target is set to?

The demangler has not historically been a target-dependent tool.  Such
a change would lead to things like renaming c++filt to TARGET-c++filt.
This would also pose difficulties for the demangler code in libiberty,
since libiberty is not built for a particular target in any case--it
is only built for a particular host.  The demangler code in libiberty
is in turn used for gdb and the linker.  So what you are proposing is
not a minor change.

Also, note that this is solely for the purpose of correctly demangling
floating point constants in expressions used in template
instantiations.  Since g++ does not permit floating point constants to
be used directly in template instantiations, it's actually not that
easy to even write a test case for this.  (See PR 8861 for more info).


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