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Re: [tree-ssa] Removal of gotos from cfg based ir

> In message <>, Richard Henderson writes:
>  >> and it seems like a restriction to force entry into RTL to have a CFG
>  >> already created.  I dont think the front end and the back end ought to
>  >> be that tightly coupled...
>  >
>  >Ah hah, that's a point of disconnect.  The front end should only
>  >call tree_rest_of_compilation, and then *everything* happens there
>  >behind the scenes.  This is, shockingly, a vast improvement over
>  >the situation on mainline.
> And, so with this in mind, what state should we be passing to 
> to the tree_rest_of_compilation routine.
> Today, we have the IL, EH lookaside data and probably other data I
> don't want to think about stored in global structures like the symbol
> table.
> With Zdenek's change, the passed state would include the CFG.
CFG is conceptually simple datastructure compared to, for instance,
debug information you need to pass around as well.  I don't see anything
evil about dumping it to file/reading it back.  Other compilers do that.

We also may go without it if we want - we can have the gotos in place at
dumping time, like we do have right now.  It is unlikely that
we want to read the profile at parsing/early optimization time, we want
to do it at link time when we do the optimization so user don't need to
re-parse all files when profiling/optimizing.

> Jeff

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