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Re: [tree-ssa/mainline PATCH] fold "test"==0 into constant

Roger Sayle wrote:

Longer-term, I think what constant folding really needs are two
functions tree_expr_lower_bound and tree_expr_upper_bound, where we
can implement some form of interval arithmetic.  Then the two current
functions tree_expr_nonnegative_p and tree_expr_nonzero_p can easily
be implemented by testing the returned bounds against zero.  This will
provide for more accurate implementations, but also enable many more
optimizations, for example, comparisons against any integer constant,
or comparisons between expressions with non-overlapping bounds.

For example, we could remove bounds checks from "switch (x & 7)"...

Just this week I ran into the following:

An important part of our Numerical Weather Forecasting Program has to know about the saturation (water) vapor pressure as function of temperature.

This relation is well known, but (because it involves the exponential function) quite expensive to compute - so we tabulate the results in the relevant temperature interval (173 - 373 Kelvin) in an array for every 0.01 Kelvin.

Therefore, basically, in the code, you're left with:

psat(t) = tpsat(nint(t*100.0))

Now it would be very nice if we could indicate to the backend that the expression "nint(t*100.0)" actually has values between 17300 and 37300, so that the nint could be evaluated as int(t*100.0 + 0.5) instead of the far more complicated expression due to Fortran 95's semantics (which of course have to cater for negative numbers).

On our Sun, just being able to inline the nint got us a 30 % improvement in run time (over all) - so it's obvious what halving the number of instructions will buy us.

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