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Re: PATCH: enable Ada test suite

> The output of the Ada testsuite seems very verbose compared to the other
> testsuites.  Generally it would be better only to display anything for
> tests that fail or succeed unexpectedly , while running the tests that
> behave as expected silently.

Right. Disabling the verbosity is not a problem.

> You asked about documentation of the format of Dejagnu .sum files - this
> is at <>.  The
> output displayed by make check is a subset of the .sum output (excluding
> UNSUPPORTED, PASS and XFAIL lines) while the current output of the Ada
> testsuite is more like the level of detail that goes in the .log files.  
> (Does the current Ada testsuite leave an overall log or summary file at
> all - that should be diffed between runs before/after a patch for
> regression testing?)

Thanks for the pointer. Changing the output should not be too hard.

> See also contrib/test_summary, the script parsing .sum files to send
> results to gcc-testresults.
> The Ada testsuite seems to leave rather a lot of files behind in the build
> directory (the convention is for testsuites to delete files associated
> with successful tests and leave behind only those for unsuccessful tests).

Thanks for your feedback.

Laurent, do you mind having a look at these suggestions ?


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