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Re: ia64 XFmode patch rides again (need ia64-linux testing)

Jan Hubicka <> writes:

>> Having now, I hope, removed all the obstructions, this patch once
>> again attempts to support simultaneous use of 80-bit and 128-bit
>> floating point in the ia64 back end.  It's much the same as it was the
>> last time -- replace TFmode with XFmode in all hardware insns
>> referring to the extended floating point type; use TFmode exclusively
>> for software emulated IEEE quad.  However, instead of using
>> ROUND_TYPE_ALIGN as before, I am using ADJUST_BYTESIZE and
>> ADJUST_ALIGNMENT declarations in ia64-modes.def, which *should* mean
>> that everything obeys the requirements.
> This looks cool.  If I understand it right, to get the same done on
> x86-64, where we do have 128-bit long doubles in XFmode format and
> 128-bit __float128, all I need is to define
> ADJUST_BYTESIZE/ADJUST_ALIGNMENT and kill the TFmode duplicates in
>, right?

I think so.  You will also need to define ADJUST_FLOAT_FORMAT; the
selected floating point format has to match the byte size.


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