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Re: Ping! [PATCH - revised] New Optimization: Partitioning hot & cold basic blocks

On Oct 25, 2003, at 1:02 AM, Mike Stump wrote:

On Friday, October 24, 2003, at 10:44 AM, wrote:
What was the result of your patent search. That is critical.
If these techniques are covered by HP's patents, then we absolutely can not
use them.

That'd just mean that we should ask HP to grants us permission... :-)

Or design around them.
It's usually not as hard as one would think (though obviously, it depends on the specific patents and their history).

Seriously, in a world where everything is blanketed by patents, we should get in the habit of just asking. We aren't the competition...

Patents only give you the right to exclude others from making your invention. Thus, the first instinct of any IP lawyer to a request to use a patent is no. So unless HP has some clued in IP lawyers (which when it comes to being clued in about free software, to be honest, are not all that common), it's unlikely you'll get far unless you've got people at HP who can push the lawyers around. :P

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