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Re: [wwwdocs committed] Document libada-branch

Rainer Orth wrote:
> (Nathanael Nerode) writes:
>> +  <dt>libada-branch</dt>
>> +  <dd>This branch exists to solve
>> +  <a href="";;>bug 5911</a>,
>> +  by breaking out the Ada runtime and utilities into a libada directory.</dd>
>> +
>Great, thanks.
And by the way, Arnaud, the libada-branch now builds, but it's basically
empty.  :-)  Just what you asked me for.

>May I suggest the following approach: instead of having a gigantic flat
>directory with ca. 1500 files with incomprehensibly cryptic names, organize
>the target-specific files into target subdirs (like libjava/sysdep and
>libstd++-v3/{config, os}) and use `generic' names for the files there.

Yes, this is a reasonably good idea, assuming there is a logical way to
divide them up.

>This would greatly reduce the clutter in a future libada directory and
>probably enormously simplify the Makefile.{in, am} as well.

However: one for the whole libada directory.  Minimize recursive
make!  (It can .include Makefile subcomponents for each directory if that seems
appropriate, especially since GCC requires GNU make to build now anyway.)

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at>

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