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Re: [PATCH] [please commit] libffi reorg [take 4]

Paolo Bonzini wrote:

Apart from this change, there are certainly other problems when using
libffi from the GCC tree with vendor compilers (as I discovered when I
tried testing it with cc on IRIX 6 and Tru64 UNIX).  I'll probably work


re-enabling this ability in the future.

Actually, I seem to understand this is about supporting the vendor's
assembler rather than the vendor's compiler.  Using gas together with the
vendor cc should work (there are remarks about computing values directly
because of the deficiencies IRIX assembler).  And anyway I don't think it
ever worked, it even made reference to non-existing files.

I recall that either Anthony or Tom ok'ed dropping MIPS_SGI.

Well, it then should be on the MIPS people to bring such a tested patch.

Your argument seems ok to me. Afaik libffi is also used outside from
gcc. So it seems reasonable to me to keep support for other compilers if

Are there people (apart from me...) that are using CVS libffi in other


Uses libffi on OS-X.


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