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Re: [PATCH] Add various VxWorks target configs (1/3)

On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 12:31, Phil Edwards wrote:
> This adds config stanzas to config.gcc, and the necessary headers and t-
> fragments, for {arm,i?86,mips,sh}-wrs-vxworks targets.  The mythical *grin*
> WindISS target is expanded to MIPS in addition to PowerPC, with a comment
> as to what it actually /is/, at the request of Nathanael.
> This is an ongoing project at CodeSourcery, which means 1) I cannot take all
> the credit for the patch, and 2) more patches will be forthcoming, for these
> and other targets (such as WindISS).

	* genmultilib:  Allow the MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES to be mapped directly.

Is there any documentation about genmultilib in doc/*.texi that needs to
be updated for this change?  If so, update that before check in; if not,

Have we tested this change on a target that doesn't use the new syntax
for MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES to make sure it still works there?  If not,
would you do that?  (A cross to sparc64-sun-solaris2.8 would be a
resonable choice.)

> +#define TARGET_VERSION fprintf (stderr, " (80586, VxWorks syntax)");

This is a really weird convention; there's no special "VxWorks syntax"
for assembly files or anything.  But, it does seem to be used throughout
the i386/*.h files, so I guess that's OK.


Mark Mitchell <>
CodeSourcery, LLC

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