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Re: [windows][rft] regparm vs stack probe fix

From: "Christopher Faylor"

> On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 10:20:35AM +0100, Danny Smith wrote:
> >
> >----- Original Message -----
> >From: "Richard Henderson"
> >> It would appear that we can just save and restore eax around the
> >> stack probe routine.  This looks good to my eye, but I don't have
> >> things set up to do testing on windows anywhere.
> >>
> >> * i386.c (ix86_eax_live_at_start_p): New.
> >> (ix86_expand_prologue): Save and restore eax around stack probe
> >> if it's live.
> >
> >Yes, this seems to do it.  I've tested with attached  testcase using
> >gcc -O[1-3],
> >
> >Bootstrap in progress on mingw32.
> >.
Tests OK. The patch fixes the -funit-at-a-time bootstrap PR 12209 and
does not
cause any new regressions

> This seems to be better than the patch that I was testing.  Danny,
this works
> ok with fastcall?  That was a minor problem with my patch.

Yes, this handles fastcall correctly.

FWIW. my earlier patch (use fastcall convention rather than regparm
when optimizing local functions via cgraph) can be applied on top of

That would mean for explicit regparm request on global function,
the push/mov would be used to save eax.  When cgraph  does it for
local functions,it would avoid the need for extra push/mov by setting
regno = 2 and using fastcall convention.

I don't know if that is worth it.  May be just some documentation that
that for local functions that allocate big stack chunks,  consider using
fastcall attribute


> Richard, do you see any problem with using ebx for argument passing
and just
> bypassing this problem entirely?  I was thinking that we could just
create a
> chkstk_ebx function which all new code would use, keeping the current
> and chkstk around for backwards compatibility.
> cgf

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