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Re: [patch] normalizing am33_2.0-linux: testing help wanted

On Oct 14, 2003, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 03:15:57PM -0400, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
>> Alex Oliva said that this was almost certainly an oversight, and I'd like
>> to correct it.
>> I can't test this straightforwardly.  A cross seems to work as far as it goes,
>> but without the appropriate version of linux, glibc, etc., I can't
>> really test it properly.
>> If someone *can* test this I would appreciate it.

> The FSF glibc repository doesn't even have a glibc port for this chip,
> it was never contributed (no idea whether it was done or not).  I'd go
> ahead if I were you.

Uli was pretty clear it wouldn't go in anyway, only one of the reasons
was that there wasn't anyone interested in maintaining it, so I didn't
bother to submit it.

Nathan, please go ahead and check the patch in.  Some day I might have
a chance to go back and try to update the glibc port, that was written
2+ years ago, to something that has a chance of building with a
current GCC.

Alexandre Oliva   Enjoy Guarana', see
Red Hat GCC Developer                 aoliva@{,}
CS PhD student at IC-Unicamp        oliva@{,}
Free Software Evangelist                Professional serial bug killer

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