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[patch] normalizing am33_2.0-linux: testing help wanted

Alex Oliva said that this was almost certainly an oversight, and I'd like
to correct it.

I can't test this straightforwardly.  A cross seems to work as far as it goes,
but without the appropriate version of linux, glibc, etc., I can't
really test it properly.

If someone *can* test this I would appreciate it.

Alternatively, if people think I should commit it without further testing,
I can do that.

	* config.gcc (am33_2.0-*-linux*): Use t-slibgcc-elf-ver.

Index: config.gcc
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/config.gcc,v
retrieving revision 1.399
diff -u -r1.399 config.gcc
--- config.gcc	14 Oct 2003 19:07:10 -0000	1.399
+++ config.gcc	14 Oct 2003 19:12:09 -0000
@@ -2160,7 +2160,7 @@
 	tm_file="mn10300/mn10300.h dbxelf.h elfos.h linux.h mn10300/linux.h"
-	tmake_file="t-linux mn10300/t-linux"
+	tmake_file="t-slibgcc-elf-ver t-linux mn10300/t-linux"
 	gas=yes gnu_ld=yes
 	extra_parts="crtbegin.o crtend.o crtbeginS.o crtendS.o"

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at>

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