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Re: [patch] armbe-linux target defaults to big-endian

The attached patches (for binutils 2.14 and GCC 3.3.1) add/fix the armbe-linux target so that big-endian code is generated by default.

It works for what I want but I suspect it's not done properly.


Nope, there's some cleaning up required.

To be honest I don't really have the time at the moment to produce a nice patch. Just thought it might save someone else some time if I posted what I had.

Do you have a copyright assignment on file?

Nope. Didn't realize one was needed for such small changes.

    case ${cpu} in
      alpha*)		cpu_type=alpha ;;
+      arm*be|xscale*be|strongarm*be) cpu_type=arm endian=big ;;
      arm*b|xscale*b|strongarm*b) cpu_type=arm endian=big ;;

You should clearly be using a configuration of armb-<xxx>, then the code is substantially there (see the line after your patch).

Whilst binutils recognized armb-linux. GCC didn't. I had to pick one... (plus some of the other archs have *be and *le and it seemed consistent).

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