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Re: [PATCH] Testsuite tweaks (SPARC)

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 13:30:49 -0700
"Zack Weinberg" <> wrote:

> This is how I think it _should_ work:  There are no vector modes
> defined in generic code.  Targets define exactly the set of vector
> modes that the hardware supports.  The user can specify whatever
> vector _type_ they want.  If it doesn't match the hardware it gets
> BLKmode, and an early lowering pass breaks up the operations into
> vector modes that are supported (if possible) or scalar ops (if not).
> Needs work all over the compiler to make it happen though.

Ok.  Here is why I responded to this in the first place.

I'm about to code up VIS primitive support for the Sparc backend and
it's likely to not use the vector stuff gcc has at all.  It simply
doesn't fit very well with VIS.

So this, along with your comments, makes it seem to me that we
should just mark these simd test cases as expecting to pass only
on the platforms where there is explicit vector support right now.

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