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[PATCH] Handle variable width encodings in basic_filebuf::seekpos


This patch adds support for variable width encodings to
basic_filebuf::seekpos. The necessary code was already present in
seekoff, so I moved it into a separate function (_M_seek) and
called that from both seekoff and seekpos.

While testing the patch, I got a spurious failure in
testsuite/22_locale/locale/cons/ It seems the memory limit
was set too low to run the loop even once. I doubled both the
memory limit and the loop count to make the test pass.

Tested on i686-pc-linux-gnu.


2003-10-07  Petur Runolfsson  <>

	PR libstdc++/9874
	* include/bits/fstream.tcc (basic_filebuf::seekoff):
	Move code needed for both seekoff and seekpos...
	(basic_filebuf::_M_seek): New function.
	(basic_filebuf::seekpos): Don't call seekoff, call _M_seek.
	* include/std/std_fstream.h (basic_filebuf::_M_seek): Declare it.
	* testsuite/22_locale/locale/cons/ Increase memory limit.
	* testsuite/27_io/basic_filebuf/seekpos/wchar_t/ New test.

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