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Re: [patch] make 'pthreads' always an alias for 'posix'

>> DJ, Alex, opinions?  Is there something I'm missing?

> It would be better to ask the people maintaining the thread files.
> They may be in the process of deprecating the "pthreads" name, so I'd
> get their OK first.  Since there is no separate gthr-pthreads, I see
> no *syntactical* reason not to apply your patch, but note that it will
> allow --enable-threads=pthreads on platforms that previously didn't
> allow it.

I vote for complete deprecation of --enable-threads=pthreads in 3.4.
Every port/library which would have used =pthreads should be
supporting =posix now.  FYI, since gcc 3.0.1, we have said this in our
install notes:

@item pthreads
Same as @samp{posix} on arm*-*-linux*, *-*-chorusos* and *-*-freebsd*
only.  A future release of gcc might remove this alias or extend it
to all platforms.

Since that time, there is now a canonical report from gcc itself as to
the thread model (Alex might know which version that change came in;
I'd guess 3.1 but it might have been in 3.0.X).  It can never report
pthreads as canonical AFAIK.  Removing configure support code to
handle this alias is the KISS approach (and please update
gcc/doc/install.texi either way you decide to go).


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