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Re: ping: [m68k] Add m68k-uclinux-uclibc target

Jivin Bernardo Innocenti lays it down ...
> Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> >On Sep 28, 2003, Bernardo Innocenti <> wrote:
> >
> >>Meanwhile, may I commit the rest of the patch?
> >
> >The only chunk of it I could possibly approve is the change to
> >libstdc++-v3/crossconfig.m4, and I'm comfortable approving that, but
> >IMHO the maintainer of the target (that I assume to be you) could go
> >ahead with it without further approval, barring vetoes from libstdc++
> >maintainers.
> uClinux is a new target, therefore it has no official
> maintainer yet.
> I'm willing to volunteer for the job if nobody with better
> knowledge of uClinux and GCC does.
> I've added the uClinux maintainers to the Cc list in case
> they wish to step forward.

Bernie gets my vote if that counts :-)  He's already done all the work
to bring us up to the latest versions from our old 2.95.3 patches and
probably knows more about the general workings than anyone at this point,


David McCullough,  Ph:+61 7 34352815
Custom Embedded Solutions + Security   Fx:+61 7 38913630

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